Player turns 600 million WoW Gold into Blizzard credits to fund Diablo Immortal პერს character ⋆

Since it came out, Devil immortal Attracted attention. While it is an exciting game, we are talking about a free gaming option that requires a lot of investment (in time or money) to be able to have fun at a more advanced level. That is, in order to have a “full force” character, players must “sweat sweat”. And, of course, there is always a creative player with an interesting idea. In this regard, I would like to draw your attention to the story of a player who converted property in WoW to be used in a new game. Snowstorm… Let’s check?

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Generally speaking, the history of the nickname player daymeeuhn Is as follows: The player converted about 600 million “WoW Gold” to Blizzard credits and used it all to fund his character in Diablo Immortal. Details of the process were all presented Via Reddit And, in the end, the converted property generated a total of $ 48,648.00 for this player to use in the infamous Diablo Immortal. This value gave the player a chance to get almost 6500 runes and set it at a very high level (7000 resonances).

In short, here we have a player who managed to fund his adventures in Diablo Immortal using other Blizzard game related items. Yes, this is just another story in which the player tries to come up with a creative way to deal with the aggressive monetization system introduced in Diablo Immortal. It remains to be seen whether the developers will find a way to obtain resources in this way. Anyway, the idea is very interesting (for those who have a resource in WoW, of course).

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