Player can run PT on PlayStation 5 without unlocking

The method involves using an active PSN account and a jailbroken PS5 to access game files.

Released in August 2014 on PlayStation 4, PT (or Playable Teaser) is still known as a terrifying experience that Konami no longer allows it to be downloaded or played Those who don’t have a PlayStation 4 with it installed. However, this was recently proved by one player The title can be checked out on PlayStation 5Without using device unlock directly.

Insider Lance MacDonald announced this on Twitter managed to achieve this using a complex process that is not exactly accessible to everyone. He claims to have been able to port a hacked PlayStation 4 emulator to his console a A USB backup is created from a jailbroken PlayStation 5 drive.

According to McDonald, if the process were to work The player must have an activated PT license on their PSN account before the game airs. From there, he was able to use his unlocked PlayStation 5 to “cheat” game files and make them. Running authentically on a fully locked console and updated with the latest software.

EN was the basis for Silent Hill, which was never released

One of the elements that makes PT so beloved to this day is the fact that This is a little teaser for the Silent Hills game that never came out. The project would be directed by Hideo Kojima, but Cancellation is complete Amid a dispute between the developer and Konami, which eventually led to his departure from the developer.

Although some planned elements of the game ended up being marked Being in Death Stranding, The game is far from the same pretensions of the horror series. Since then, a possible return to the partnership between Kojima and Konami has been the subject of several rumors, but none have been confirmed to date.

The announcement that it’s possible to run PT on PlayStation 5 – albeit in a not-so-easy way – comes at a time when Konami promises to bring big news about Silent Hill soon. The company is going to 19 October a Broadcast with updates on the franchiseWhich can bring both new games and several other related projects.

The person responsible for removing PT from PSN says that the store made several exceptions for the game
Pearl L. describes the process of requesting to block demo downloads as quite unpleasant


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