Plague Tale Requiem: Worth it?

Plague Tale Requiem is one of those cases where the sequel is (well) better than the original.

It is worth emphasizing an important point: its predecessor arrived “from nowhere”. It was a pleasant surprise. And this, of course, influenced its extremely positive reception. For many, it was possible to overlook some of the technical issues, such as giving more value to the narrative and the innovation and good intentions of the developers.

Not now. Requiem comes under high expectations. Everyone wants to know how the story continues about the brothers who faced not only the Black Death, but also the Inquisition and something even more serious: the Taint. The public wants to see what the next generation of mice will look like. What will Asobo Studio bring new in this second chapter?

Well, check it out a little further below. And no, you won’t be disappointed.

in search of a cure

Friendship! Friendship! Yes, Hugo’s annoying voice is back.

If in the first game your mission was to protect him and escape, now it’s all about finding a cure. The Taint takes care of the boy, causing more rats to multiply, and Amicia, his sister/heroine, will do anything to get this evil out of his body. For this, it has some fundamental aids during the story.

Plague Tale Requiem is an exciting adventure (Photo: Reproduction/Thiago Barros)

New and old friends appear, trying to rid Hugo of evil. Meanwhile, Amitsia herself has to deal with her own ghosts. The scared but brave girl is now also violent and vengeful. And even the small and always scared Hugo is more confident. They want a cure and go for it at any cost.

Narration and plot continue to be A Plague Tale’s strengths in its second chapter. Even more exciting than the first. stronger. more visceral. And full of surprises.

As usual, you won’t find any spoilers here. We’ll just say it’s more of a revenge story than an escape story. Stealth is still fundamental, but stimulates combat much more than its predecessor. And then there’s the first criticism: it lacks a bypass command. When the guards come to you, forget about it.

Brothers face a long journey in A Plague Tale Requiem (Photo: Reproduction/Thiago Barros)
Brothers face a long journey in A Plague Tale Requiem (Photo: Reproduction/Thiago Barros)

You can only counter with square, deal a blow that immobilizes them, or otherwise use triangle to finish them off with a knife – which is a consumable item, so you’ll have to be lucky to have one in your inventory. Using the ball to roll to one side, for example, would be an interesting outlet at times like this.

Additionally, the experience is pretty cool with the weapons Amicia has at her disposal. Gradually, he unleashes not only the abilities of his skill tree, but also artifacts and chemicals to combine and use against mice and humans. The solutions can be very creative in addition to being able to generate epic moments in certain battles.

And you will need everything at your disposal. After all, the enemies are deadlier than ever – and there are more mice, a lot more mice. It won’t always be bad, believe me. But when it does, my friend, it’s scary. disgusting. The skin is irritated from such nervousness. And, yes, sometimes it’s still rough to have so many mice, but that’s in the game.


Visually, Plague Tale Requiem is quite pleasing. The settings are great and the characters are well done. Of course, they do not reach the level seen in the most famous AAA, but they fulfill their role. Level design is another strong point. The places to explore and the different mechanics for it deserve praise.

Plague Tale Requiem has beautiful settings (Photo: Reproduction/Thiago Barros)
Plague Tale Requiem has beautiful settings (Photo: Reproduction/Thiago Barros)

Something that also helps with immersion is the audio design. From the soundtrack to the sound effects, everything is very satisfying. And, to make things better for Brazilians, the game is subtitled in Portuguese. It’s not dubbing, but it’s something, right?

The downside, on the other hand, is that there are times when the missions get a little repetitive – something common with single-player games. It’s like pushing a cart here, shooting fire to clear a path there, and setting fire to rats to kill someone there… It doesn’t bother you, but it’s noticeable.

The same applies to technical problems. There are, yes, frame rate drops at various times. And that’s because the game already runs at only 30 FPS. In the middle of 2022, the year of technology…disappointing. Additionally, the PlayStation 5 game takes a while to load. Only, once again, Plague Tale Requiem is fully “playable”.

Amicia shines as the main character in A Plague Tale Requiem (Photo: Reproduction/Thiago Barros)
Amicia shines as the main character in A Plague Tale Requiem (Photo: Reproduction/Thiago Barros)

We can talk about what is missing. More exploration, more complex AI (which will even appear in New Game+), more advanced combat mechanics… but it’s time to appreciate the work. After all, it’s clear that Requiem is a huge update on Innocence. It’s not perfect, but it improves on what was already good and fixes things that its predecessor lacked.

Plague Tale Requiem: Worth it?

Whenever A Plague Tale of Innocence Released in 2019, it surprised many. I admit that I liked the game in general, but I chose a more rigorous approach to analysis. Were there technical problems, yes, that worried me. But the public received it much more positively than negatively.

before making Plague Tale Requiem Relatively hyped and anticipated game this year. And you could say it was a wait that, yes, was worth it. The game is sold for R$ 299 on the PlayStation Store and MyPS I highly recommend buying it if you’re a gamer who likes single-player linear stories.

Technical problems still exist, but on a much smaller scale. The game is beautiful, the gameplay is improved and the narrative, a hallmark of its predecessor, does not disappoint. The adventure is short at around 20 hours, but every second is enjoyable – especially when it takes on a more vengeful air.

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