Phobia analysis – st. Hotel Dinfna

For horror game lovers, franchises like it Resident Evil And Quiet hill Of course, the memory should be evoked in the setting of a few hours of gameplay investigation, solving puzzles and facing various violent and grotesque enemies.

So can you ever imagine what a game would be like that combined several elements of these classic survival horror games? Well, Brazilian indie developer Pulsatrix Studios Definitely found a way to make that connection Phobia – st. Hotel DinfnaThe title of psychological horror with lots of quests and puzzles to solve.

But does this national horror title really fit his inspiration? Check out our review to find out!

Enter when you want to, but never go

Plot Phobia The action takes place in a small town in Santa Catarina called Treze Trilhas, the place where several disappearances have disappeared and mysterious events force Roberto Leit Lopez, a recently graduated journalist, to travel to this side in search of a large scoop to start a career.

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However, after a week-long stay at the Santa Dinfna Hotel, an investigation into the young man yielded no results, and all rumors concern the famous investigator who disappeared in the 1960s, the cult of the Prophet Christopher and the famous hotel visions. Ghosts like Menina go nowhere, until Roberto decides that the best thing is to go home the next day.

Devoted to what he considers a waste of time, he decides to take a shower before going to bed, but finds a strange hole in his bathroom. Silent Hill 4: The Room.

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After a strange event, the journalist comes to his senses in the room, finds it completely turned upside down and explains with a strange note that a special lens on the camera should be used to connect with different realities.

When he manages to get out of the room, Roberto finally sees the famous gas girl, also discovers that St. Dimph is completely destroyed, debris is spilled in the corridors, small fires, elevators are not working, and worst of all, it is strange. Scattered creatures everywhere. In the corners and ready to end your life in the blink of an eye.

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From there, the young man must find a way to get out of the hotel safely, with fierce enemies, solving puzzles and gathering information to solve a mystery about a strange cult of thirteen trails and his role in the tragedy that befell him. All this while escaping from an extremely powerful humanoid monster that reminds us of the transformed form of the scientist William Burkin. Resident Evil 2.

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Without getting into spoilers, plot Phobia Really interesting, slowly represented between the present and the past, reveals a network of supernatural mysteries that plague the small town of Santa Catarina in a beautiful and dangerous scenario, in addition to many moments of pure tension.

The search level is really intense, with several full safes, cupboards and drawers to be opened to get ammunition, bandages and other items important for history.

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Moreover, on the contrary Resident Evil 3 remake Which surprised many fans due to the lack of retreat, there is no lack of crossings here, so those who like to view every corner of the map will have a lot of fun in this game.

When Resident Evil meets Silent Hill

Phobia Has several similar mechanics RESuch as a health lane, an item combination system, tools needed to access certain areas, crates to store resources that are not constantly used, and inventory that can be expanded by finding bags throughout the game.

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As Resident Evil And Quiet hillThe game does not lack solvable puzzles, which can be solved only with a special lens attached to Roberto’s camera, which is also used to reveal hidden entrances and secrets impossible to the naked eye in some environments. .

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The cool thing is that the title gives some tips on when to use these mechanics, such as handprints, messages written on the walls, and even shaking in rooms to show that it is time to see the world from a different perspective.

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In addition, the protagonist will find several different weapons along the way to help him fight deadly creatures such as a shotgun and a machine gun, which, like a camera, may have improved menu features as the player collects improvements. Items.

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Even a five-star hotel has its claims.

This game of psychological horror manages it in many ways, but it is not without small mistakes. One of the main points to worry about is that the protagonist does not carry a map, you need to find the maps that are scattered around the script in order to visually imagine the layout of the rooms and floors.

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It interferes a bit with the gameplay, after all, to get the items needed to advance the story you often need to cross different environments on different floors and the map will help us a lot not to get lost in these moments.

Also, enemies can be a bit of a “lead cloud”, causing some ammunition to be spent in some parts to complete them. However, this detail can be easily overcome by purchasing upgrades and strengthening weapons.

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The search level can be a famous two-edged sword: for those who like to explore everything, it is certainly a lot of fun; But those who prefer a more direct game will probably have some problems with the number of search rooms and furniture.

But then is it worth it?

If you are a fan of the first games of the franchise Resident Evil And loves to solve puzzles, you are sure to be delighted with everything Phobia – st. Hotel Dinfna Has an offer.

Its disadvantages are not serious enough to hinder this horrible journey, which has a well-crafted story, beautiful graphics and many challenges to overcome. Also, the gameplay is relatively short, perfect for those looking for something they can beat on the weekends.

Source: Stella / Voxel

Another very important detail is that even with a small team Pulsatrix Studios Managed to create a highly interesting world and still with high quality sound.

So it is definitely worth giving this mysterious adventure a chance and respecting the incredible level of hard work and dedication that these national developers have brought to the horror world of survival.

Phobia – st. Dinfna Hotel provided Maximum Games for this analysis.

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