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As Microsoft’s top gaming boss, Phil Spencer can be seen as an industry changer. In addition to helping launch Game Pass, the executive has been a key part of the acquisitions the Xbox house has been making in recent years. In an interview on Wednesday (24), he highlighted the challenges he might face in acquiring Activision Blizzard, but also touched on other topics.

Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming (Image: Handout/Microsoft)

Posted by ………… BloombergPhil Spencer’s interview begins with him commenting on how he likes the process of acquiring a franchisee. Devil and overwatch by Microsoft. The executive says he feels good about the progress so far, but with reservations:

I go into this process with the support of people who may not be that close to the gaming industry. They ask good and hard questions about what is our intention? What does this mean? If you get to that in five years, will that be a market squeeze?’. I’ve never done a $70 billion deal, so I don’t know what my confidence means. However, I will say that the discussion we have had looks positive.

Another point of the chat was allegations of harassment and misconduct within Activision Blizzard. The company has assured that it addresses these issues, which Phil Spencer believes in:

I believe they are committed to it. When I look at the work they’re doing now – there’s always more to be done – it makes me believe in the studio leaders there, whom I know very well. Some of them are ex-Xbox members and I believe they are committed to this journey. And I welcome that regardless of the deal.

Finally, the head of Microsoft Gaming commented on labor issues involving Activision Blizzard employees. It should be remembered that the idea of ​​a trade union in the United States is displeased by the owner’s employees Call of duty are looking for

I’ve never run an organization that has unions, but what I can say from working on it is that we recognize the needs of workers to feel safe, heard, and fairly compensated for doing great work. We really see supporting workers in the results they want.

In an interview with Phil Bloomberg (Image: Reproduction / Bloomberg)
In an interview with Phil Bloomberg (Image: Reproduction / Bloomberg)

One of the biggest doubts in gaming is whether or not Microsoft will release the shooter franchise Call of duty to its competitors after the acquisition is completed. In addition, Phil Spencer guarantees that he will fulfill the contracts entered into so far. On the other hand, the CEO has an interesting take on exclusive console titles:

Maybe you buy an Xbox and I buy a PlayStation. Our kids may want to play along, but they can’t because we bought the wrong piece of plastic to plug into the TV. We’d love to bring more players to reduce friction, let people feel safe when they play, let them meet and play with their friends on whatever device they’re on – I think that’s good for the industry in the long run. . And maybe in the short term, there are people in some companies who don’t like it. But I think as we get over that barrier and see where the industry can continue to grow, that will be true. I feel like games made exclusively for one console are something we’ll see less and less of.

In my opinion, the greater the democratization of gaming, the better it is for the community. However, companies like Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft themselves have to find new ways to take our money.

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