Phil Spencer shares new Xbox teaser focused on Game Pass streaming

The device, known as the Keystone, may have appeared on the executive branch’s shelf

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Fallout series, Xbox head Phil Spencer tweeted a new photo of his bookshelf. In it, you can see some interesting items, including a statue of Pip the Boy, a Logitech G Cloud box, and It appears to be a new device from the Xbox line.

As a gift on Spencer’s top shelf, The device brings the visual characteristics of the X|S series line, but has a much more discreet size. It appears to be talking about a mysterious product known as Keystone that may focus on landing Access the Xbox Game Pass catalog via streaming.

This wouldn’t be the first time Phil Spencer’s used off-the-shelf items from the company have released an announcement ahead of schedule. in essence, The Xbox Series S was even featured in the background of several interviews given by the executive Before the device was officially announced.

Xbox Keystone may be coming soon

Phil Spencer’s bookshelf also houses some interesting items, such as the book he is dedicated to Halo Infiniteversion Xbox 360 customized with Alan Wake visuals and sculpture Kojima Productions. The Xbox boss also displays various certificates and content Life is strangealong with other things.

Microsoft confirmed that it was working on a flow device In 2021, it may be a dedicated HDMI connector. Although at one point he decided to “change his approach”, The company continues to work on the product, the final version of which may have appeared on Spencer’s shelves — information that appears to be confirmed by an Xbox profile on Twitter.

Now how about putting old prototypes on your shelf, boss?“, said the message published by the report on Monday (10). So far, the executive authorities and the company have not made additional comments on the situation, but It seems that the official announcement of the new product is only a matter of time..

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