Phil Spencer Says Activision Blizzard Purchase Is Moving Forward

Xbox boss Phil Spencer said he is confident the Activision Blizzard acquisition will be approved by regulators. Despite being candid in saying he never took part in the nearly $70 billion acquisition, the executive said the debate on the topic was positive.

“I feel good about the progress we’re making, but I’m going to step into this process by encouraging people who may not be very close to the gaming industry to ask good and hard questions about what is our intent?” What does this mean? If you’ve been playing for more than five years, does that limit the market? “Is the market growing?” he said in an interview with the website Bloomberg This Wednesday (24).

Spencer also responded to the internal problems the owner had experienced Diablo, Overwatch, Candy Crush, Crash, Spyro etc. In recent years, the developer has been accused by several employees of a toxic, sexist culture and complicity in abuse cases.

The Xbox CEO said he believes Activision Blizzard executives are ready to make a workplace change. “When I look at the work they’re doing right now — there’s always more that can be done — but I believe that the heads of the studios, some of them ex-Xbox members, are committed to that.”

He also insisted that unions formed by Activision Blizzard employees will be respected and dialogue with them will be held. “What I can say is that we recognize the need for workers to feel safe, heard and fairly rewarded for doing great work.

Less exclusive in the future

Another topic discussed by Spencer was exclusive games. In addition to repeating the promise that Call of duty With the PlayStation still around for a few more years, he hopes exclusive games will become more scarce as the years go by.

“Let’s say you buy an Xbox in your house, I buy a PlayStation, and our kids want to play together and they can’t because we bought the wrong piece of plastic to connect to the TV.

Call of duty

“Maybe in the short term, there are people in some companies who don’t like [da ideia de lançar jogos multiplataformas]. But I think when we get past the difficulty and see where this industry can continue to grow, it will be true,” he added.

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