Phil Spencer is optimistic about Activision’s buyout deal

Phil SpencerCEO of the Games segment MicrosoftIn the interview, he commented that the last talks about the purchase Activision Blizzard It was very promising. In addition, Spencer said that single-platform exclusive titles will become less and less common.

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during the interview BloombergPhil Spencer was asked if he was confident in Microsoft’s deal to buy Activision Blizzard. In a good-natured tone, the executive replied that he had never negotiated $70 billion, so he would have no parameters to gauge expectations.

However, Spencer said the latest conversations and reports about the process have been very promising. While there are no definitive statements regarding the implementation of the agreement, it is likely that the outcome will be positive, especially for Microsoft.

One of the main points holding back the talks is the allegation that buying a studio the size of Activision could lead to an unfair competition scenario. In addition to Blizzard titles, the company owns franchises Call of dutyand the market – in particular, Sony — The move is feared to be a strategy for this and other brand exclusive Xbox.

On the other hand, Microsoft itself has previously taken a position saying that locking these titles to one platform is not profitable. This significantly reduces the potential revenue from games, which are often quite expensive to produce and require equally high profits.

The executive added that Microsoft, and perhaps the market in general, will have fewer and fewer exclusive games. The failure of Xbox One sales likely led the company to change its go-to-market strategy, focusing less on hardware and more games on as many platforms as possible.

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