Phil Spencer explains how developers make money with Game Pass

Update: This is a “remastered edition” of an interview given by Phil Spencer, the current CEO of Microsoft Gaming, to The Verge in late 2020.

The interview tells a bit about how developers make money with the Xbox Game Pass and Here are some interesting details About the largest Xbox subscriber service and one of the largest in the gaming world.

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In an interview with The Verge, Phil Spencer, the current CEO of Microsoft Xbox, commented on how the developer Earn money With Xbox Game Pass, a Microsoft subscription gaming service.

Spencer says developers use “Different methodsTo make money from Microsoft subscriber service. According to Uncle Phil, Microsoft can even Pay for development Game or give A certain number To have a game on the Xbox Game Pass. See what he said:

Our case is chaotic. One of the things that was interesting was the studio, usually small and medium-sized, that came to us and said, “We’re ready to make this game available on the Xbox Game Pass on launch day if you give us an X. Dollars now .. ‘He said.

It seems that Phil Spencer always has a desire Pay Some money for developers in this publishing media. We can assume that with this amount the developer will allocate a portion End of development New game and thus guaranteed Day one On the Xbox Game Pass.

In some cases we pay The cost of the entire production of the game, Then, if they wish, they can also sell on PlayStation, Steam, Xbox and Switch to protect themselves from any risk. We also have the opportunity to have a run.“Spencer explained.

As we all know, the Xbox pocket is practically “infinite” and they will always be ready Pay for development In the game to make sure he is Day one On the Xbox Game Pass. In addition, Microsoft Do not block the sale Play on other platforms like PlayStation and Steam, for example.

Others want deals with usage and monetization-based, in-game gaming stores. We are open to experimenting with different partners because we do not believe we have found out all this. (Monetization means). When we started, we had a model that was just based on usage. Most of our partners agreed, but they urgently wanted the money.

Finally, the latter method is used by developers ᲛGazies In order to win within the game itself. But as we can see, some developers “did not like the idea” and asked Microsoft for immediate money.

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