Phil Spencer assures Call of Duty on PlayStation ‘future without jokes’

The Xbox boss says the company is ready to sign long-term deals with Sony

Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard is still being reviewed by regulators around the world. Call of Duty is one of its most controversial points🇧🇷 After Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division, assured that he is going to continue Bringing the franchise to PlayStation after purchaseHe once again gave a guarantee that it will happen withoutdid not catch🇧🇷

Speaking to The Verge’s Decoder podcast, Spencer said that his company He does not plan to change his opinion about the series in the future.🇧🇷 🇧🇷There will be a Call of Duty made for PlayStation, no connection to Game Pass or streaming“, said the executive. 🇧🇷If they want a streaming version of Call of Duty, we can do that too, just like on our consoles.🇧🇷

🇧🇷I am not hiding anything. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 works well on PlayStation, works well on Xbox. Next game and next and next and next and nextSpencer continued. according to him Microsoft does not intend to operate under any hidden conditions Or request Game Pass to come to PlayStation so the platform can continue to receive new games from the franchise.

Spencer is open to long-term deals

“There is nothing hidden here. We want to continue to release Call of Duty on PlayStation without any “hey, I got it.”– explained the head of Xbox. According to him, although it is impossible to sign the contract “forever”, He is willing to make a long-term commitment with Sony🇧🇷

According to him, Microsoft is ready to work with regulators to find a solution that pleases them and benefits the industry🇧🇷 In the past, the PlayStation owner even claimed that the simple availability of Call of Duty on its platform It wasn’t enoughSince, on Xbox and PC, it should also start earning Day 1 release on Game Pass.

It should be a place of confrontation between companies and It could further prolong the investigation into the Activision Blizzard acquisition🇧🇷 Despite the problems facing the negotiations, both the developer and Microsoft are confident that the acquisition will be authorized and should be completed by mid-2023.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 makes $1 billion in record time

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 makes $1 billion in record time
The previous record was held by Call of Duty: Black ops II, which reached the value in 15 days


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Source: VG 24/7, The Verge


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