Penguin Louis Dominguez is a reserve NHL playoff star

His first attack in the kitchen was followed by dipping raw spaghetti in cold water and watching it turn into cement. But he learned and eventually wrote a cookbook called Home Baking, which focuses on home baking and offers family recipes that he learned from Boylo and his mother. Proceeds are useful for autism research, Boylo said.

Dominguez started late on goal. His father said he was 8 years old when he started the position, which is a mountain for many beginners in the Quebec network. But the family spent the summer in Gloucester, Massa, a strong art community in a seaside town, instead of watching Lewis take on goalkeeper’s pitch in Quebec. Boylo is an art teacher, and Charles Dominguez, in addition to being a director, was an excellent keeper at the school. He helped Lewis learn the game and fell in love with the position, avoiding his son early in the morning for exercise and taking him on road trips near and far.

“It’s not easy for the goalkeeper’s parents,” said Charles Dominguez. “There is a lot of pressure on them. I looked at other fathers and they drank beer, bought T-shirts, had fun. Goalkeeper father, not the same. One mistake and everyone is angry. “

Louis was also an excellent baseball player, but when he was about 14 years old, he made the decision to focus on hockey and he was able to play in the junior ranks as a prospect. His favorite player, perhaps aptly, was not the Canadian goalkeeper Jose Theodore, but Jeff Hackett, their backup.

The Dominguez Coyotes were selected in the fifth round of the 2010 draft, but over the next few years he jumped between the AHL and the NHL, playing on six teams, and was rejected several times. But he refused to give up.

“You know, he loves cats,” said his mother. “And he has nine lives.”

In the 2019 Tampa Bay game, Domingo set the team record for most consecutive goal-scoring victories, 11, but Elva had Andrei Vasilevsky, one of the best goalkeepers in the world, and Dominguez resigned the following September. Since then he has played in four teams.

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