Pay on Platinum: Easy Trophies games sell well on PS Store

In these games, the Platinum Cup can be won in minutes

Have you ever finished a game or won a platinum cup in minutes? This is what is happening lately PlayStation 4 Or PlayStation 5. The Platinum Trophy is the main prize that is issued in games and requires very hard luck to win it, at least, it is a prerequisite for using this feature. But these games, which focus on simple trophies, are the best-selling in the world. PS Store And the number of options is growing more and more.

Since the achievement functionality has been used in video games, many players have begun to identify game practices in order to unlock all trophies, including platinum, as it happens in the family. ᲡGame station Consoles. It turns out that a lot of games have been developed and sold at low prices recently and there are even distributors focused on games of this style, e.g. Ratalaika Games Who has already released a few games that will easily become platinum.

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Web page Push square We have compiled a few titles of this style that can be purchased PlayStation Plus And beyond, they acquire the title Ქva sheet scissors (Pedra Papel Tesoura) and released after testing the title Platinum In the game 2 minutes and 31 seconds,

And of course, in-game play is just as basic as in Atari games, often just copies of the classics in a new form. In one case commented on the site, the developers simply changed the theme to include several versions of the same game, as is the case with the “series” that copies the game. Cut out To Wearwhich has Sushi Break, Donut Break, Christmas Break, Independence Day Break And Taco Break Among the games already available.

Practices for release studios for this type of game also include selling separate versions for the PS4 and PS5, as well as versions from different regions such as the United States and Europe, allowing customers to install several versions of Platinum. Same game.

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