Parasite Eve: Fans Imagine What It Would Be Like to Remake the Game in Unreal Engine 5

Parasite Eve SquareSoft’s survival horror action RPG franchise (Chrono Trigger and The secret of mana) – brings nostalgia to the hearts of many players who live for the announcement of the remake of the history of Ayia Brea.

And until that day comes, the way to go is with fan tributes to the series, like YouTube channel Enfant Terrible, who posted an incredible fan-made trailer of how the series is being recreated. The first game looked like it was being made Unreal engine 5. Watch the video below:

Created by several artists and developers, the project represents a level of graphic quality and breathtaking realism, showcasing several of the settings in the title, including the iconic New York theater where this adventure begins.

In addition, we can also see the designs of some of the creatures that the rookie cop has to encounter on the way, and that with the new technology available, they have become even more dangerous.

And to top off the flourish, the recording shows what Aya herself would be like with her Unreal engine 5A really impressive change considering what the character’s style was Game station.

So, what did you think of this fan-made trailer? You want to see the official remake Parasite Eve? Tell us on social media voxel!

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