Paralives: Indie game promises to surpass The Sims

Get ready, Electronic Arts, because Sims May soon win a strong competitor. Paralyzed Is an indie open world life simulation game that promises to be a clash through the classic Electronic Arts franchise. Mostly with the addition of mechanics, which has long been demanded by genre lovers, without the expansion tax. All content updates Paralyzed Will be free.

The game is currently in development and will be released for PC via Steam. You can track and support development through the Patreon campaign. ᲡName Paralyzed There is a reference to the term “parallel life” and the developers’ idea of ​​creating a world where players can actually embody a different life in a digital environment.

Paralyzed Follow in the footsteps Sims, The player has to build free houses and stories in the open world, but promises to go further. Concept videos show that the developers want to delve into the mechanics of the simulation genre, featuring animals, university life, and open world events without the need to purchase extensions, as is the case with EA.

The game still promises to present you with construction tools that are at the same time easy to use but powerful. Build mode is not limited to pre-setting the grid or size. This means that players will be able to build walls of any length and at any angle. The mode will also have to recreate the exact dimensions of the tape measure and fully adjust the color and texture for the objects.

The dimensions of the furniture as well as the windows will be adjustable, allowing builders to create much more personalized options. Track videos show that ParalyzedJust select the object and pull the corner brackets to enlarge the window or to enlarge one of the beds.

Create complex characters

Parafolks, the strings of this world, are also distinguished by a highly adjustable tool of personalization. Demonstrations have shown that the tool will allow the player to choose exact skin and hair tones, a variety of body shapes and a complex tattoo system.

In ParalyzedParafolks can explore the open world with shops, parks, workplaces and other interesting places to meet people.

When will Paralives be released?

The game is still in the early stages of development, so an estimated release date is not yet available. The good news is that Paralives Studio has already promised full support for the title in Brazilian Portuguese.

Speaking at Paralives Studio, he co-founded Alex Massé with the sole purpose of creating an innovative life simulation game. The company currently has 10 employees.

It is possible to support the creation of the game in the official campaign of Patreon. From R $ 15.50 per month, the sponsor gets the name of Game Credits, access to exclusive posts on the funding platform, and access to research from the developer team.

The restaurant hosts the Pasta Festival in Paralives (Photo: Disclosure / Paralives Studio)

How Much Does Paralives Cost?

The price of the game has not been announced yet. The developers have already announced this Paralyzed It will not be free, but it does include free content updates with the ability to release less expensive DLCs.

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