Overwatch 2’s new hero Kiriko is revealed in a leaked cinematic

The 35th character in the game brings teleportation and healing abilities to the game

The launch is scheduled for early October. Overwatch 2 We promise to continue Blizzard’s tradition of populating your game with new characters full of personality. One such figure should be the ninja Kiriko, whose existence was revealed this Thursday (8) Thanks to the incomplete cinematic posted on YouTube.

Video shared by user Kuriboh Cervantes is a The animation of the game is still incomplete, in which we see a new hero fighting the Hashimoto mafia clan. What the material shows His main attack will be a pair of knives that can be thrown And will also have resources to heal other characters.


Besides, Kiriko will be able to teleport with some freedom in Overwatch 2 scenarios, giving him more movement options. In addition to this, his special ability seems to include Creating a torii gatewhich can strengthen and speed up the movements of the character and his allies.

The Blizzard Teaser may have revealed Kiriko’s existence

Although none of Blizzard’s previously released material has made direct reference to Kiriko, Heroin may have been mentioned in the past. In the trailer that the developer used to announce the game’s release date, it indicated A “Fox” character who can be a ninja.

Must be a character The 35th playable hero in the Overwatch universe And will likely be in its launch cast. The developer of the game claims that it aims Release 3 to 4 new characters and maps every year As a way of maintaining an active and healthy gaming community.

It’s unclear if Kiriko will be available once Overwatch 2 hits stores, or if players will have to unlock her. This is evidenced by the latest leak Blizzard may bundle access to new characters with the game’s Battle Passwhich you will have to play several matches and level up before they are unlocked.

Blizzard is starting to merge Overwatch accounts between PC and consoles

Blizzard is starting to merge Overwatch accounts between PC and consoles
The process begins with the transition of items that will be unlocked with the release of Overwatch 2


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