Overwatch 2 virtual keychain is more expensive than its real version

The game’s monetization system produces a lot of missing loot boxes

When Blizzard announced it Overwatch 2 It was going to be a free-to-play game, it was clear that it was coming The cost of the new monetization policy. However, the public will find that the company’s practices show More predatory than he imaginedAnd that some digital in-game items are more expensive than their real-world counterparts.

An example of this is small keys Pachimar, which looks like a little smiling onion with green tentacles. but The item can be purchased for US$5 (R$26.78) in the Blizzard Gear StoreIt also has an in-game version, cost 700 Overwatch Coins – and each pack of 1000 coins sold by Blizzard (minimum available). It costs at least 46 rubles.

The discovery was made by Reddit user u/hi_im, which caused a lot of criticism among gamers. According to the comments, Even though Blizzard paid $7 for a real world key ringIt would still be cheaper than the Overwatch 2 digital item – meanwhile, other people have joked that the company might raise the price of the actual accessory in response to the discovery.

Overwatch 2 is criticized for its high prices

Pachimar accessory price This isn’t the only aspect criticized by the Overwatch 2 community. Many players say that in practice it is more expensive to invest in the special clothing packs that Blizzard opened with the Halloween event than the amount charged for the original version of the game.

While the title offers some free rewards with your Battle Pass, Many believe this is a return to the original Overwatch loot system. Although the original rewards were given randomly, there was at least a guarantee that four of them would be earned when leveling up.

Calculations made by the player showed that by purchasing cosmetic items later on, it becomes more transparent, Blizzard made them much more expensiveS. It is estimated that in order for a new player to be able to get all the legacy skins of the original game, they need to invest at least $12,000 (R$64,000) in coins in the current version.

Overwatch 2's Halloween event is delayed by connection errors

Overwatch 2’s Halloween event is delayed by connection errors
The LC-208 code problem mainly affects console players


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