Overwatch 2 suffers a new DDoS attack and blocks access to buggy heroes

Bastion and Torbjorn were blocked due to issues that allowed their Ultimates to be infinite

A week after the problematic release Overwatch 2, its players still have to face a number of barriers to have fun with it. last monday (10) The game was targeted with a new targeted denial of service (DDoS) attackwhich contributed to long queues among match seekers.

Although the company said that the problem has already been solved, those who will get into the game now It faces the absence of two characters in its cast. robot Bastion Currently unavailable in all game modes due to a bug it may cause Your Ultimate lasts indefinitely.

When the character’s power is activated, he transforms into a real battle tank that can fire three very powerful missiles. However, Overwatch 2 players quickly discovered that when using both action buttons at the same time, It was possible to extend a character’s specialness indefinitely and use it to shoot an infinite number of shells.

Torbjorn also had limited use in Overwatch 2.

Another character that goes through the restrictions is Torbjorn, whose Ultimate can also be used indefinitely. Also, the character You can no longer be selected in competitive matches And Blizzard is addressing the bugs that cause the situation – something that wasn’t the case in the first Overwatch.

The game developer’s decision led to other problems that resulted I like heroes KirikoAshe, Echo and Mei are also no longer selectable – What the company admitted is the result of a new error. He says he is working on finding a solution. “as soon as possible” For these and other problems Overwatch 2 has faced since its release.

According to Eurogamer, A DDoS attack against Blizzard servers also affected Call of Duty: Modern Warfare activities. The situation raises concerns about the launch of Modern Warfare 2, one of the most anticipated games of the year, which hits stores on October 28 and is based on its competitive online multiplayer.

Overwatch 2: See a graphical comparison between PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch

Overwatch 2: See a graphical comparison between PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch
The game reaches 120 FPS in the performance mode of the PlayStation 5 version


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Source: Eurogamer


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