Overwatch 2 disables aiming assist in matches against PC players on consoles

Members of the gaming community say Blizzard’s decision puts console gamers at a distinct disadvantage.

One of the main news Overwatch 2 Compared to the previous game, The title’s crossplay system may put those playing on consoles at a disadvantage. When the same match brings together players from both desktop and PC platforms, Blizzard’s game Automatically disable any aiming aids.

Although for some people this may just be a hindrance, a developer’s decision Can put those not used to accurately aiming the analog sticks at a disadvantage. “For some, this is just a hindrance, but for others, it is less fun to play with this disadvantage.,” said Reddit user KellySweetHeart.

According to the player PC gamers already often have a preference for precision when using a mouse and keyboard And by disabling Overwatch 2’s aim assist, Blizzard is leaving console players even worse off. He is not alone in his criticism There are several threads on the series’ official Reddit with similar complaints About how the game’s crossplay works.

Lack of support affects player performance

As Kelly explained in an interview with Kotaku, disabling the aim assist system This was already what happened in the first OverwatchAfter it received crossplay systems in late 2021. However, he Now it has become a bigger problemThanks to the renewed interest, the sequel sparked in the community.

He explains that the disadvantage of console players affects the performance status of the players and that The excuse that the feature affects the competitive aspects of the game doesn’t make much sense. While crossplay is available in more casual modes, It does not apply to ranked modes – That’s why he and other members of the community support the inclusion of help in quick games.

If they’re not going to do that, then the least they should do is let console players use a mouse and keyboard and play matches with a controller.,” suggests another Reddit editor. So far, Blizzard has not commented on the matter.Nor has it announced ways for players using gamepads to log in Overwatch 2 Don’t be paired with someone who uses a mouse and keyboard to control the game.

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Overwatch 2 suffers a new DDoS attack and blocks access to buggy heroes
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Source: Kotaku, Reddit


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