Overwatch 2: By launching early access, the first Overwatch will be terminated

The game will start with early access on October 4 this year

The overwatch will close as soon as possible overwatch 2 Works, the information came after the developer team received it Snowstorm Responsible overwatch 2 Open Q&A session for users reddit And in one of the questions the company was asked whether the new franchise name would replace the first overwatch From early access or if you only do this when the game will be a “full” release.

In a question asked by a user Player DbDHe asked the developers: “What does the term ‘early access’ mean for Overwatch 2? Does it mean that on this day OW1 will be replaced by OW2’s PvP or OW1 will be closed when the game leaves Early Access?”

The official responded blizz_akeller That said, the team calls it early access to let players know that there is still a lot of content to be added to the game during development. And this proves that the game is from the day of early access, the first 4 October overwatch Will stop working with overwatch two Acts as a substitute.

Watch the trailer below, which shows the character’s abilities. Queen of the Junker.

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See below for more on what a developer is overwatch 2, blizz_akellerHe talked about the arrival of a new game and the change of the current game.

“We use the term ‘early access’ to indicate that this is just the beginning of many new items in the game. We’ll post new characters, maps and features, but more are coming in seasonally. – Every 9 weeks. Describes this content, the new character comes in seasons 1 and 2 and the new map in season 2. In addition, larger parts of the game that have always been part of OW2’s vision will come out in the game as part of a live service, including launching a PvE campaign next year.

When OW2 is released on October 4, it will replace the current available service. [Overwatch]”

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overwatch 2 Will be free to play and arrive with early access October 4, The game will have versions PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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