Overwatch 2 Beta receives an update with an extensive list of changes

Blizzard corrected the bugs and changed the way some of the characters work

Blizzard came out last Thursday (5) a An extensive list of upcoming changes to Overwatch 2 Beta is already available in the patchL. As the developer promises, the game testing phase is marked by several changes to the balance, based on fan feedback and internal analysis.

The update brings a series Correction of mistakes and changes in the behavior of the characters. For example, a soldier 76 had a speed of movement Decreased by 10% As a means of compensating for mobility, which the developer considered offensive. Already Roadhog tank becomes strongerThanks to Ultimate, which can do more damage to opponents.

Another character who received the changes was Zanyatta Support, who had her own Improved Snap Kick for 50% more damage and to fly opponents. According to Blizzard, these types of solutions have emerged as a way to make supporting characters more fun and efficient with a new game scheme based on teams of 5 people on each side.

Blizzard promises more supporting characters

For the future of Overwatch 2, Blizzard promises to add more options for support class characters to make it viable And will play a fun role during matches. Over the next few months, the developer will work on providing new features to existing characters, changing their impact on the game.

The patch notes also contain details about the characters changes, such as Ჩрдили (Which became less fast in stealth mode), Winston, Destructive ball, Call, Pike, A-n-a, Baptist And Bridget. In general, the changes focus on the effectiveness of specific capabilities and the use of secondary resources for the characters.

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Overwatch 2 Beta runs until May 17 exclusively on PCs, And you can still get access to it through the ears of Twitch streamers working in partnership with Blizzard. Until the moment The game has no official release date yet. Or hints that the testing phase may also be available on desktop consoles.


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Source: Kotaku, Blizzard


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