Overview of the Capcom Fighting Collection

Capcom has been doing a lot in its classic game collections in recent years, especially the one we loved watching in the Arcades of the 1990s and 2000s. Capcom Fighting Collection, Which focuses on fighting games developed by the company, as the name implies. The interesting thing is that there is a very diverse mix of titles, both a game that we already know well, as well as others that have never been released outside of Japan before.

The game will be released on June 24 on PC, Switch, PS4 and Xbox One, but before you invest your hard-earned money in a collection that is not the cheapest, you need to know the pros, cons and surprises that may be waiting for you In this. Capcom Fighting Collection. Of course, we will tell you all about it in our review below!

Defenders of Darkness Give and sell

The first question that many people will inevitably ask when they see this collection in the digital store of their chosen platform is quite simple: after all, what does it contain? As we mentioned, they are fighting games that marked the arcades of Capcom’s golden age, which includes franchises. Defenders of Darkness, Street Fighter, Red Earth And Cyberbots: Metal Madness.

If Defenders of DarknessThis is the first time we see the full series here in the West, given the games Vampire hunter 2 And Vampire Savior 2 Never went to Japan. This way you will have full access Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors, Night Warriors: Darkstalkers’ Revenge, Vampire Savior, Vampire Hunter 2 And Vampire Savior 2. The gameplay may seem a bit repetitive to you as there are five games here, but this is an important series that is worth knowing and that deserves a newer repetition.

Street Fighter fans will be able to have fun Hyper Street Fighter 2: The Anniversary Edition, Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo And Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix. While the first mention of the game is familiar to our old acquaintances, it is possible that some people have not tried the other two, who have puzzle mechanics, collecting gems, and using very different moves instead of focusing on traditional combat elements. Personally, they are my two favorites from this collection, especially since they are a bit different from what we usually see in this type of collections.

We still have the most forgotten classics by the general public: Cyberbots: Metal Madness (Mecha for quarrel lovers) and Red Earth, Which has a single player mode focused on boss fights and a fantastic themed narrative. These are some of the cool additions you would not expect to see here, especially since Red Earth It had never been released outside of Arcade before, giving it an even more special touch Capcom Fighting Collection.

You can easily choose between the American and Japanese versions of the gamesSource: Capcom / Reproduction

One detail is that Capcom has chosen to show exactly which ROM is used in each game, which you can check in the game selection menu. In addition, you can still choose to play the American or Japanese version of each title, something we have not seen in the previous collections of the company. Just do not be surprised when you notice the name change from Vega to Balrog, from Balrog to Bison, and from Bison to Vega, as this is the original name of the characters in the Eastern country.

Personally, I have found that the game selection was very effective in offering the collection, but I do not deny that I would like to see other games that have not received much attention outside of arcades in the last 20 years, including the trilogy. Street Fighter Alpha And wonderful Street Fighter 3: Third Strike, Which I still consider to be the most beautiful game in the combat franchise. Understandably so because they are in the franchise’s 30th anniversary collection and Capcom Arcade Stadium t. two Coming out next month, it won’t be Capcom’s focus this time around, but nothing prevents at least other titles from other series from being added here.

No crossplay, but nice Netcode

To know more about the games in the collection, we need to highlight the different ways in which you can enjoy them. It is possible to play games offline and online in a very fluid way, but unfortunately there is no crossover between the different platforms on which Capcom Fighting Collection It was activated. We consider this to be the biggest mistake in this collection, as these are niche games by age, so leaving the player base separated by console and computer will make it even more difficult to find people to play with online.

That said, there are random and competitive matches online and you can pick as many games as you want when entering the queue. This helps to find opponents faster, after all, choosing only one of the ten games in this collection will be very restrictive. A pleasant surprise is that the game has Rollback Netcode, a feature widely used in recent fighting games that essentially serves to offer an online experience with much less interruption in movement and shot, even if one of the players has a connection from the ideal. . In addition, you can also join an offline match while you wait, which will improve your experience.

It is possible to play with several filters that resemble the look of old TV screens and arcadesIt is possible to play with several filters that resemble the look of old TV screens and arcadesSource: Capcom / Reproduction

When talking about offline matches, you can play any game this way alone or with local friends on the console version. The Steam edition on PC uses the Remote Play Together feature, which allows you to invite a friend to play remotely, without having to buy a game, which of course will make your life easier if you do not find online players.

Another point that is important to note about offline games is that in these games you can enter the training zone, view a list of your movements, use the map buttons and choose the CPU difficulty. Given that many of these games are designed to steal your chips with enemies of absurd difficulty, these small details are very welcome. Plus, you can keep track of your progress and update fast loads at any time, so you don’t have to worry about finishing the game in one step.

Capcom Surprises

As for Capcom, these collections will never bring fans games and games Combat Collection There is no exception to this rule. The game has a section called “Museum” where you will find lots of official art from the time of each game development, as well as other areas dedicated exclusively to the songs of these titles. The content is really awesome for those who already knew the franchises and also for those who are now discovering everything.

The challenges are great with having some goals in the old gamesThe challenges are great with having some goals in the old gamesSource: Capcom / Reproduction

There is also a section dedicated to challenges that differs from each game before using very specific moves for certain characters. It works like an achievement system on many platforms and you will even see a message on your console or Steam when you complete each one. Given that the Switch is the only platform that does not have an achievement system, it is nice that this separate menu shows these goals on the Nintendo console. It may be a standard addition to many games, but it gives you fun goals to achieve in games that do not have as much variety in the game.

What many may appreciate is the number of visual capabilities. You can choose the screen format, what kind of art you will see on the vertical edges, and whether you want to use some filter that resembles the lines of old TV screens and arcade cars. Sure, you can play with a clean image, but it’s very cool to have that option when you have a nostalgia for a retro look.


On the whole, Capcom Fighting Collection This is a very solid addition to the collections the company has been publishing for years, but there is one thing that may scare some players: its price. Like other Capcom games of this type, the price is high and may not be worth it unless you are a big fan of most of the games selected. Nevertheless, our suggestion is to at least consider it when you see the promotion.

We say this because in addition to the cost, it is very difficult not to recommend this package to fighting game lovers, especially those who have always wanted to try out a new title. The gameplay is excellent, there is no lag in online games, there are many extras and quality of life features compared to the previous collections of the company.

So you can pick up the controller or your Arcade Stick without fear and enjoy these arcade classics without leaving home! Just not worth turning over and dropping Hadoukens non-stop, no!

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