Overdose could be the name of Hideo Kojima’s new horror game [RUMOR]

The game can be unveiled at Xbox 12 at a joint conference of Bethesda

For many years been associated with the return of the Silent Hill series, It looks like Hideo Kojima is running a brand new horror game known as Overdose. According to the website Try Hard Guides, the actor will play in a new game Margaret QuellWho embodied the character Mother in Death Stranding.

The original images, which were sent to me requesting anonymity, show a mother wearing a blue dress from Death Stranding. However, the game is not Death Stranding 2 and only features the same actress who played her mother, Margaret Coel.”, Says insider Tom Henderson.

Henderson argues that the materials he had access to showed a A character who walks in dark corridors and carries a flashlight. While the pictures he obtained show the game from a third person perspective, it would also be possible Meet the horrors of overdose with a first-person camera.

The game could be released for Xbox

As Henderson explains, the material he obtained is a A small teaser that ends with fear and the message “GAMEOVER”Followed by the phrase “Hideo Kojima game … OVERDOSE“. The insider does not rule out that the game may be the result Partnership between which was discussed Kojima Studios and MicrosoftWhich was never fully confirmed.

However, he hopes the project can still be announced during the joint presentation Xbox Will do Bethesda Per day 12 June. Proof of this is a small trailer released by Microsoft on social media in which Kojima talks about the Xbox show in the past.

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No matter what the game will look like, this is a horror game that has been rumored in the past.“, – writes Henderson. ᲠAs it seems, The project is being developed in conjunction with the preparation of Death Stranding 2Which Existence revealed In an interview with actor Norman Ridus a few weeks ago.


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Source: Try Hard Guides


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