Over the weekend, Xbox servers had a “darkening”

Problems with the console’s online network have prevented access to already downloaded games

The last few days have not been so positive for some Xbox owners who have found themselves Cannot participate in online matches and can not access purchased digital titles On the console. The instability of Microsoft servers, which affected several regions of the planet, led to the cessation of basic checks on the desktop platform.

Various “eclipses” were observed by the company’s support profiles on Friday (6), Saturday (7) and Sunday (8). Mostly affected were users who were in different regions of Europe. Social media has been criticized by the company, especially for its work with digital rights management (DRM).

The fall of the Xbox revealed that something had to change in their DRM policy, games downloaded to my console had to have a time window to go offline without re-checking. We hope we have some clarity and a solution to prevent this in the future“- said the streamer and the host of the event xbox parris lily On your Twitter account.

The eclipse has hampered access to games

As many users have said on social media, Access to purchased digital games was blocked Even when the console used was configured as the user’s home. In a message posted by Microsoft employee Brad Rossett, he said that Fully rebooting the console may restore access to the games That was inaccessible.

Jazz Corden, from Windows Central, said the discrepancies experienced by some players were due to the fact that Game DRM depends not on Microsoft but on the publishers’ requirements. He said the time required for new checks online varies depending on what game the Xbox is playing.

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For Paris Lilly, Microsoft still has to make a post Xbox Wire (Your official blog) To find out how the platform is checked and how users can handle periods of instability. Problems with your network, according to Microsoft It has already been decided And he has remained stable since last week afternoon.


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Source: Eurogamer, Games Radar


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