ORX coming soon to Steam and Epic Games Store; Check out the highlights

Tower defense game, ORX (launch trailer) will be released on Steam and Epic Games Store on August 30, 2022. Designed by johnbell and published by Critical Reflex, ORX combines popular deck building mechanics with board games like Carcassonne to create. A truly unique experience.


ORX Resist hordes of relentless enemies in a dark fantasy setting as you try to grow your kingdom in this part tower defense, part deck building game. Players can test ORX by playing the demo version, which is available until July 14th.


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With over 300 cards to play, ORX invites strategy players to sit down and try to build a thriving kingdom against overwhelming odds. Build roads, fortifications and gather troops to survive attacks! With 9 different clans to defeat, each with 7 enemy types, different behavior patterns and attack styles, players will need every card in their arsenal to stay victorious.

The game is designed to be an experience that evolves with the player – from the elemental system that affects both players, structures and enemies, to the event system that offers players complex choices and affects the game, ORX is set. Strategy experience. unlike any other. Progress, conquer and save your strength before the next wave of enemies, accompanied by an adaptive soundtrack composed by Nicolas de Ferran.


  • Power is in your deck – manage your gold wisely as you earn it over time to build farms, villages and other locations – some of which can be explored to access vaults that contain powerful rewards.
  • Play as 2 different factions at launch – each with their own unique set of cards! Confront your enemies by controlling Dune Reavers or Rune Wardens. Rune Wardens is designed for players who are unwavering fighters. Although Dune Reavers is suitable for flexible strategy players who embody the motto: “The best defense is a good offense”.
  • 4 Heavy Bosses to Conquer – Take down the biggest and baddest as you conquer and build across a war-torn land. Each boss will challenge you in unique and challenging ways!
  • Progression System – As you grow stronger and smarter, so do your enemies – bringing new warrior types and game modes to the playing field.
  • Roguelike Campaign – Four acts featuring four different biomes and sub-biomes, with day and night cycles!
  • FIGHT 30+ DIFFERENT ENEMIES – Be ready to adapt your tactics as you encounter enemies ranging from simple grunts to game heroes, each armed with different abilities to try to take you down.
  • Advanced difficulty modes – Conquer the campaign? Test your strength and go to the next level in an even more challenging environment – challenge yourself and go from Classic mode to Iron Man or Hard!
  • Share your stats – With your stats and scores available for you to share, you can compare your ultimate base to other players’ bases.

For more information on ORX, visit the Steam store page here and follow CRITICAL REFLEX on Twitter @critical_reflex for the latest updates.

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