Origin brings the “Genshin Impact vibe” ⋆

Announced about a year ago, MMORPG The Seven Deadly Sins: Origins Left aside due to lack of information. However, this week Mesh marble decided to show that the project is still in full development and even released a nice trailer (which you can see below this post). By the way, the cutscenes and new details from the aforementioned recording have already helped us understand that the game will be worthy of our attention… shall we check the information?

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Described as the successor of Didi The Seven Deadly Sins: The Great Cross, The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin has everything to capture the attention of gamers who enjoy quality gaming on PC and mobile devices. According to new details provided by Netmarble, the game will feature a giant open world and typical elements of today’s biggest MMORPGs – in particular, the title from the released video is very reminiscent of Genshin Impact. In addition, one of the differentiators of the game will be its busy combat system, which will escape the “turn scheme” presented by the great big cross.

As for the new video, we had some interesting revelations highlighting some of the game world’s locations, battles, stages, and the city (which will be a great hub for players). In addition, we still had the opportunity to check out some iconic characters, as well as some very interesting game systems. Overall, we can say that The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin has the potential to replace The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross and maintain good numbers. We remind you that, unfortunately, we have not yet mentioned the release date, but it is already clear that the gameplay will be marked with cross-play support through PC and mobile devices.

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