Opinion – BIG changes its name and leaves India. By Pedro Zambarda

By Pedro Zambarda, Editor-in-Chief of Games Drops

On May 19, 2022, the gambling community in Brazil was filled with frustrating news. Great Festival 2022The biggest event on the indie stage in Brazil and Latin America, changing its name and scope after becoming a paid event at the level of 50 R $.

Omelete, the company responsible for streamer Gaules, which has surpassed Felipe Neto in simultaneous shows and is a colossus on Twitch, for the CCXP event and Game XP, has bought an event that has survived thanks to private and public incentives – including from BNDES and similar associations. . As for Abraham.

And other aspects focused on change, beyond money and structure.

Festival director Gustavo Steinberg made a controversial statement in the official edition. He said: “With the evolution of the gaming market, the boundary between indie and no ceases to exist. At one point the game seems like an independent one, but within a few weeks it takes up AAA or III game space as the big independent games are called. Therefore, we have renewed our brand to continue communicating with all developers and audiences. “


1 – Elden Ring, Review. By Pedro Zambarda

2 – Horizon Forbidden West, Review. By Pedro Zambarda

Big Festival 2022. Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

“Does the border decide what is India and what is not?” How, Gustavo?

The reality of the Brazilian gaming scene, with some variations, is as follows: There are about 300 development companies. With fewer public announcements, many run games internationally without focusing on the local market. One of the venues for consuming Brazilian games, with free access to the CCSP (and later Club Oms), was the BIG Festival.

Gustavo closes the door on independents, holds an event at the S სანo Paulo Expo because the Indians are “no more”? Sounds like a cheap excuse.

Rike Sampaio’s good report on Overloadr indicates that BIG also integrates NFTs and cryptocurrencies, a pay-as-you-go practice that takes away the entertainment and arts aspect of the gaming industry. Do you need to pay taxes? ᲛStill meaning.

What makes no sense is to sell yourself to another company, change your name and leave the Indians. What is the difference between the “new” BIG Festival and the BGS – and Game XP, Omelette event?

None, we must conclude. The big festival event, as we know, has died. Killed the Indians. let’s see what happens.

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