Opinion: BGS 2022 had an indie game with its own stand and even TikTok

By Pedro Zambarda, Editor-in-Chief of Games Drops.

We covered BGS 2022 like we haven’t in a while. And here are my impressions. Sunday is usually a hellish day for a Brazilian game show. This week was full, but there were some “holes”. Most felt was the absence of Microsoft, which usually brings different attractions, between new games and public relations.

But the lack of an Xbox owner was compensated by Nintendo having stations for Brazilian indie games and Nintendo Switch OLED testing.

In this edition, I decided to dedicate Drops de Jogos to cover something I haven’t covered properly since 2014 on TechTudo: Brazilian indie games at BGS. Then I could even interview Marcelo Tavares about it.

Over the years, I’ve only scratched the surface and heard many complaints from developers about the cost of space. Space is still expensive, but I felt the excitement of developers, with Brazilian games even on the TikTok booth – like Camp Wars developer Pedro Caja.

TikTok is the video site of Chinese giant ByteDance, which competes with YouTube.

QUByte had its own stand. Pulsatrix Studios and its horror game Phobia as well. At the launch of the documentary Loading, a few days after the end of BGS, Filipe Veiga of Bitnamic said that Renato Degiovanni, a pioneer of the national industry, liked Phobia. He took Degiovan to the stand, but the creators of the national game did not know the work of the Amazônia developer.

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1 – Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered, review. By Pedro Zambarda

2 – Journey, review after 10 years. By Pedro Zambarda

BGS 2022 had an indie game with its own booth and even TikTok. Photo: Play/YouTube

Despite the lack of knowledge between the generations, it was a good meeting.

The big festival is still a reference event for independent games in Brazil. But if you don’t move, you could lose your place at BGS, which still draws 300,000 visitors on its busiest days.

It is an international reference event with a special focus on consumption. Three times bigger, publicly, than E3.

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