Oops! FIFA 23 was leaked on Xbox one month before its official release

Several players posted on social media this Tuesday (30) that they were playing FIFA 23 on Xbox consoles. Problem? The game is slated for an official release almost a month from now on September 27, 2022.

With access to the full game, many people have released screenshots and gameplay videos showing various information. Among the details released ahead of schedule are athlete scores.

According to the leak, Messi, Mbappe, Benzema and Lewandowski are the best players FIFA 23A total of 91. Mane (90), Neymar (89), Marquinhos (88), Donnarumma (88) and Vinicius Junior (86) soon followed.

The uniforms of some teams were another sensitive detail that was highlighted by hasty dismissals. For example, Liverpool and Atletico Madrid have only revealed their first and second kits for the 2022/2023 season.

With early access, fans were able to capture screenshots of what England and Spain’s third kit will look like. Check out the images below:

What happened to FIFA 23?

It appears that only access was possible FIFA 23 on Xbox consoles. Even Ultimate Team was on hand, as one of the streamers even made a clip of it playing on Twitch.

The situation has been fixed and the game is no longer accessible. However, neither EA nor Microsoft have commented on the matter to explain how the error occurred. Previously, the football title had already had problems. The game was even sold at a 99.98% discount on India’s Epic Games Store.

Remembering this FIFA 23 This will be the last EA Football game under this name, as production will be renamed after that EA Sports FC.

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