One Piece: The best games, inspired by anime and manga!

One piece Started publishing in 1997 and still inspires new stories in one of the greatest epics of world literature! With sales fever and fans all over the planet, Eiichiro Oda’s manga has created not only legendary anime, but also tons of official video games!

Since 2000, with the arrival One Piece: Become a Pirate King! For the relatively obscure Wondersawn portable system, our favorite “Stretching Pirate” was featured on all generations of consoles, so why not embark on this journey together to recall some of its best adventures? It should be noted that this list is not qualitative, they are just excellent game recommendations that are worth knowing, okay? Then check out our picks below!

One Piece Treasure Cruise (mobile)

Between all games One piece None of the mobile phones have reached the same level of popularity and quality as excellent Treasure Cruise! It is very cool to see how he manages to gather so many anime characters and at the same time retain his aesthetics and charm in the new world that Gacha combines with RPG, so collecting all of them without spending money on micro transactions is a habit. This is a game and super affordable!

Mixing turn-based RPGs with Gacha, Treasure Cruise is the perfect free gaming optionSource: Playback / Google Play Store

Franchise Pirate warriors

We thought it best to combine all four chapters of the series Pirate warriors The topic is just because otherwise it would end up monopolizing our entire list, such is the quality of the franchise that constantly delivers Mugiwara’s best games! To love or hate the Muse genre, you have to show these titles as they tell the main historical arcs with lots of game characters, tons of action and humor along the way as well as lots of exciting game modes.

One Piece Unlimited WorldRed (Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, Switch, PlayStation 4, PS3, PS Vita, PC)

Unlimited World Red Had a very unusual trip. Originally released only for the Nintendo 3DS in 2013, it was gradually ported to the most diverse console consoles. Although its structure was more compact and full of mini-games, this adventure had a good critical reception thanks to the support of the multiplayer game, different game characters and a very colorful and charismatic world, with a new design of the characters created by Oda himself! When in doubt, opt for the latest version of the game, which has even more content and whim.

Shonen Jump’s One Piece (Gameboy Advance)

Developer Dimps went through one of the best stages in the life of Game Boy Advance, more precisely from 2001 to 2004. In addition to launching the franchise. Sonic Advance And work on games Kirby, Dragon Ball And Digimon, He showed that he also understood everything about One Piece! This trip very well reflects the emotions of a legitimate platform game directly from Super Nintendo and is pure nostalgia!

One Piece Grand Battle (Gamecube, PlayStation 2)

Also known as Great Battle Rush In Japan, the game drew attention to its 2005 release as it allows you to battle the show’s main characters from East Blue to Long Ring Long Land and its controversial arc of Davy Back Fight. From training mode to tournament mode, going through the story and fighting for one or two players, this is a very lucrative smackdown from start to finish!

One Piece Grand Adventure (Gamecube, PlayStation 2)

A year later, in 2006, the sequence Great fight Arrived on the same consoles with mostly identical gameplay, but this time with even more scripts, resources and characters to choose from. At Going Merry we visit various islands along the Grand Line to find and challenge competitors who will join your group after defeat. You can even level them up and regulate their attack, defense and full health with a slightly lighter RPG.

One Piece World Seeker (PC, Google Stadia, PlayStation 4, Xbox One)

While expected One Piece Odyssey Does not come, the closest we can get to a legitimate open world action RPG is competent Seeker of the universe. It features a completely original story in which Luffy can explore the entire island with a main campaign full of familiar faces, or other side quests to help the locals. Reminds me of many good filler arcs from the anime!

One Piece Unlimited Adventure (Nintendo Wii)

Wii Exclusive! Unlimited adventures Brings a variety of different gameplay approaches, so here’s something for everyone! More than 40 symbols can be used against or in survival mode against at least a thousand opponents in a crazy marathon! The main course is story mode, which has several puzzles to solve, collecting items and even fishing and insect hunting mechanics, which guarantees a good repetition factor.

One piece burns blood (PC, PlayStation 4, PS Vita, Xbox One)

Be the first title One piece Access to the Xbox console probably helped a lot Burning blood Be the most famous fighting game in the series in the perception of common sense. With a beautiful shaded schedule, this exciting cross-platform title is very accessible to those who have never tried a fighting game in their lives, but its simplicity can spoil the veterans of this genre. Finally worth the visit for the fan service and good presentation.

One Piece Pirate’s Carnival (Gamecube, PlayStation)

Anyone who thinks that only Mario and his friends participated in a collection of competitive mini-games in video games is mistaken! Mugivara also played in this adventure with more than 100 characters who have already appeared up to the beautiful arc of Water 7. Even those who play the Japanese version can enjoy the classic opening. Kokoro not ChizuFavorite here, in Newsroom, at the beginning of the game, as you can see here:

Did you already know all these games? We hope you enjoy the choice and enjoy not only the manga and anime but also the amazing views of all of them. One piece!

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