One-person horror game Choo-Choo Charles is coming to PC in December

Consoles will receive their versions next year

On the way we have upcoming horror games like The Callisto Protocol, Dead Space Remake, Resident Evil Village DLC and Cho-cho Charles. The latter is a A survival horror created by one man, Gavin Eisenbeis, which brings as a threat a spider-legged killer train. The game will be released on Steam on December 9.

The game was announced last year and showed for the first time what the player will be up against: a train killer in the form of a clown and blood-sucking spider legs.

Choo-Choo Charles isn’t just about surviving and avoiding danger, it’s about arming the train to the teeth to take on the “Spider Train”. The hero has a small yellow locomotive that can be upgraded by collecting resources that make his transport stronger as the game progresses.

The game world can be explored on foot or through paths that cross the entire site. On your way, some survivors will ask for a favor in exchange for materials that will be used to upgrade the yellow train. In addition to Charles, the killer train, the player will again encounter a cult that loves to threaten the game.

“In Coo-Choo Charles, you are tasked with destroying a monster known to the locals as ‘Charles’. No one knows where it came from, but they do know why: eating the flesh of insignificant people. You have a little yellow train, a map, a mounted machine gun and sophisticated heads COLLECTION ON THE DASH. You’ll use this train to move from place to place, complete quests outside of town, or loot island waste. Over time, you. You’ll use your scraps to improve your train’s speed, armor, and repair damage. You’ll grow your arsenal and (hopefully) become an unstoppable force. , who will be ready to fight the great and mighty Charles.”

In a Steam announcement post for the game, a developer named Two Star Games said that they had a few other release dates in mind, but right now the game is almost finished.

For now, Choo-Choo Charles will only be released for PC, with console versions guaranteed for next year. According to the developer. So far, only the minimum requirements have been released, and they call for GPUs like the Radeon HD 6870 and GeForce GTX 470, and any quad-core CPU.

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