One of the first MOBAs, Heroes of Newerth completes its operations

More than a decade later, the game closed its servers this Monday (20)

Beginning in the early 2010s, MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) appeared to be the genre that dominated the time, prompting several experiments. There were two names in this scenario: League of LegendsFrom Riot Games and Newert HeroesOriginally created by S2 Games and later transferred to Frostburn Studios.

After more than ten years, a while League of Legends remains one of the most played and popular games in the world, The same did not happen to his competitor. It was officially celebrated this Monday (20) Completion of service for the heroes of New York, who have been breathing on the devices since 2019.

While the game managed to achieve great initial success, it did Could not withstand time and numerous changes in the monetization model. Originally a paid game, it received a free gaming model in 2011 that restricted access to some of its champions and special skins – back in 2012, the developers decided to allow the selection of all characters without restrictions.

The game had visual updates, hacks and a few changes

The story of Newert’s characters is mentioned in a Home Huck, who in December 2012 revealed details of more than 8 million accounts. The game also underwent a graphical overhaul in 2013, which changed the character models, how the scripts worked, and was accompanied by a new lesson and less stressful game modes.

S2 Studios was acquired by Garena in 2015, which handed over the development of the game Frostburn StudiosWhich consists of many professionals from the original studio. The last major update to the game content took place in 2019 – While your customers received the 64-bit version in 2020, updates are made every 8 weeks focused Eliminate mistakes and ensure balance between characters.

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The closure of Heroes of Newerth was announced by Frostburn Studios in December 2021 and Attributed to the constant decline in the number of players who still devoted themselves to it. After the announcement, the developer finished selling the microtransaction and started repeating past events, in addition to giving some bonuses to the community who dedicated the game to the end.


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Source: PC Gamer


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