One of GTA V’s most realistic mods is now available to everyone

Years later, early access for those who contributed financially

Grand Theft Auto 5 has been around for so long that the game has seen a lot of changes. From character changes, vehicles to graphical improvements. NaturalVision Remastered (or Evolved) is one of them, and perhaps the one that features The most beautiful sight to date. The mod, previously closed to the paying community on Patreon, Now available to everyone.

There’s no denying that the people behind the mods know how to do some pretty cool video editing. The trailer above shows the changes that NaturalVision Remastered brings, such as new ground textures (asphalt and sidewalks), new vegetation, parallax interiors, voluminous clouds, new lighting, new animations on signs and screens.

This is what’s new in this version of the GTA V mod that’s being made publicly available, in addition to what’s already been worked on in other NaturalVision mod builds.

“Various changes have been made to the weather, lighting system, environment colors, toning, weapon system, textures and more to blur the line between fantasy and reality.”

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The mod has evolved over many years

Developed by the RazedMods group, the mod has been around for several years. This video from five years ago already showed changes in the weather with storms and the sun lasting longer during the day, as is usually the case in summer.

On the official website of those responsible for the mod, you can find mods for Grant Theft Auto: The Trilogy, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Dying Light 2, all with a focus on graphical improvements.

Although GTA V is the biggest hit in the gaming industry and even the entertainment industry when it comes to mods, it is not the most modded game, at least not on NexusMods, the largest collection of mods on the internet. The site shows that the Rockstar title has only 358 mods registered.

The number is much lower than for example The Witcher 3’s 5k mods, and almost nothing compared to the 68k+ mods that Skyrim has in NexusMod. Of course, we must remember that not all mods are in the site collection, just like the mod we show here.


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Via: WCCFtech Source: RazedMods


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