Officially launched just over a month ago, MMORPG Echoes of Magic already has a permanent shutdown date ⋆

Usually, when developers think about shutting down a game, they wait a bit, try to improve the experience, attract more players, and when that doesn’t work, then the final decision is made… However, it seems that people Onefun games He chose not to waste time and confirmed that his MMORPG is eligible echoes from magic It will close at the end of September and the official launch took place just a month ago… Let’s take a look at the details of this curious story shall we?

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According to the information presented in a The post was shared via Facebook, the mobile MMORPG Echoes of Magic will end on September 30. As I continued, this announcement came as a surprise since the game only officially debuted a month ago. So that’s it! The title was released in the Open Beta stage last year, but the final version was only available to players a few weeks ago. Therefore, the developers simply decided to “abandon the boat” and confirmed that the adventure will end soon.

And the most interesting thing about this whole story is that we are talking about a game that is not bad. That is, Echoes of Magic is not the best MMORPG in the world, but it has quality graphics, and most importantly, several updates were released during the beta phase, which made the title much more attractive. In fact, it’s funny to see that the developers worked so hard on the updates, but in the end they chose to throw everything away. Anyway, here we have a strange ending that should leave those who enjoyed the game with a “flea behind the ears”. In any case, there is not much to do about the developers’ decision, except to say goodbye to the adventure.

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