Obsidian reveals Grounded’s release times and you should keep an eye out for it

You should pay more attention argumented. If you’re one of Reddit’s 50,000-odd residents, or one of the faithful who has silently followed Obsidian Entertainment’s love letter to “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” over the past two years, please understand that this announcement is not about you. addressed. The rest is for us. 25 million Xbox Game Pass subscribers, early access naysayers, and those who are always afraid of bugs of all shapes and sizes. I certainly include myself in all of these groups, and now that Grounded 1.0 is coming out in a few days, I regret not watching this fantastic co-op survival game gradually grow in size.

We were all looking at XO19 when Microsoft Gaming unveiled this miniatures game developed by a small support team in charge of the studio. Some of the best RPGs of the last two decades, and I was blown away by what I saw, heard, and played. But with the final version of the Xbox Game Preview only offering 20% ​​of the planned content, I quickly bounced back from Grounded and it all but completely disappeared from my radar. Looking at today’s game, it’s really impressive what Obsidian managed to achieve in such a short time.

Grounded has reached 10 million players so far and became the best selling title in a week on Steam! Incredible numbers! It’s been two years of early access, and now the title is a Full storyWe will most likely have to find a way to return to normal size, but be prepared for a lot of action and adventure.

Now, Obsidian has revealed the release time, as you can see in the tweet below:

We remind you that Grounded will be released in Brazil on September 27 at 2 pm, that is, next week. We are very close. After the highly acclaimed The Outer Worlds (one of my favorite games of all time), this is Obsidian’s second game to be released directly on Xbox Game Pass, but it will be the first exclusive as the studio still had to honor their contracts with Take Protection. Two at the time.

We expect a fun campaign, already in early access it was an addictive title and we want it to continue in its final version. Don’t let this “little” game slip off your radar.

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