NVIDIA believes that GPU prices should be closer to dedicated consoles

For the company’s CEO, GeForce cards are like a “console inside a computer.”

After releasing its fiscal 2023 second quarter report at the shareholder meeting, NVIDIA gave more Details about your GPU pricing strategy. For CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, the average cost per unit of hardware should be Follow the amount usually charged by the consoles available in the market.

We’ve always believed that the price of a GeForce should be closer to the average selling price of a gaming console. So it should be something along the lines of $500 or more at this point.” Huang said. The statement implies that The company sees graphics cards as the most important part of a gaming PCLeaving other components necessary for good performance.

During the meeting, the CEO of NVIDIA also clarified this In recent years, the average price of GPUs has been directly influenced by the cryptocurrency market, resulting in values ​​much higher than expected. Although the current digital asset crisis is rapidly reducing the value of components, Huang believes that the long-term trend Go back to a standard closer to desktop consoles.

GeForces are a “game console inside a computer”

Huang also suggests that the price of traditional video games is rising their result”Be more useful than ever. Apart from acting as gaming platforms, they can also be used to access various forms of entertainment and usually lasts for many years before replacement is required.

You use your gaming console for your best entertainment, and you use it for a very, very long time. And GeForce is essentially a game console inside your computer.“- explains the executive authority. During the meeting he also He emphasized the importance of GeForce Now in the company’s strategyWhere the service is said to act as both a means of accessing games and a remote workstation.

For Huang, the dynamics of streaming system usage also ends up affecting the average price charged by GPUs. At the moment, The company prepares to cut profits and several actions coordinated with partners to reduce available stocks of the RTX 30 line to be launched Lives with RTX 40 models from September of this year.

NVIDIA and AMD are preparing aggressive GPU price cuts

NVIDIA and AMD are preparing aggressive GPU price cuts
Affected basic models should belong to the high-end segment


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Source: PC Gamer, Seeking Alpha


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