Not an autoplay, the new free-to-play MMORPG Traha Global is coming to PC via Steam and mobile devices ⋆

Last week, as I saidado (via MMORPGBR), Global bullshit According to reports, its release date, November 1, has been announced. As expected, the title was officially released today for PC and mobile devices. On PC, the game can be downloaded for free through the Steam platform, while on mobile devices, the title is available through the Play Store on Android and the App Store on iOS devices. The pre-download of the game on mobile phones was released yesterday. Extremely popular in South Korea, where it has been available since 2019, this is the first time the game has been released globally.

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Developed by Moai Games using Unreal Engine 4 and published by Nexon in South Korea, even after its official launch in the Asian country, the title attracted a significant number of players interested in playing the game, with over 4 million pre-orders. records. After launch, the game proved its success by being among the top-grossing games on both the Play Store and the App Store, which can be considered a great achievement when we talk about the extremely competitive South Korean mobile game market. Hoping to repeat the success of its home version, Moai Games decided to make a major change to fit and appeal to more players on our side of the world. The mechanic in question is “autoplay”, a feature almost always present in Korean MMORPGs, and which will not be present in this version. This way, players can look forward to the battle content with manual controls and a deeper experience so to speak.

Traha Global promises to bring a variety of activities ranging from cultivation and crafting, fishing and cooking, mining and blacksmithing, exploration and archaeology. Through these activities, players will be able to produce various items that can be traded with other real players. In the game, players will be able to choose from seven different playable classes to start their adventure, being able to switch between their different combat roles, be it tank, healer or damage dealer. The title will also feature six large open fields, the equivalent size of which is between 3 and 5 km. In addition, we can also expect chaotic battles between the two factions of the game in wars between kingdoms. In any case, we are facing a successful title in South Korea, and it has a difficult task to conquer the Western public as well. We’ll find out in a few months whether you make it or not, right?

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