Nomura talks about the future of Kingdom Hearts: Final Fantasy characters, Sora and more

Game Informer published an interview with Testuya Nomura, Director Royal Hearts IVAnd discussed various topics related to the future of the series.

See key points below:

  • The focus of the Kingdom Hearts IV story is Sora’s disappearance, so it is unlikely that more secondary characters will be featured;
  • The enemy of Kingdom Hearts IV will be new, and the masked figures at the end of the trailer are important;
  • Sora is very important for the series and in every major game she will be the main character;
  • Kingdom Hearts IV will definitely have Disney worlds, “nothing to worry about”;
  • Nomura says fans really did not like the KH2 reaction command system and so it was removed from KH3. However, fans have questioned the removal and it is considering returning the system to KH4;
  • The Quadratum is considered the “real world” and Sora always returns to it after visiting the Disney world;
  • About the Final Fantasy characters: “I understand that there were not so many Final Fantasy characters in Kingdom Hearts III. One thing I want to clarify is that a lot of fans say that Kingdom Hearts is this collaboration between Disney characters and Final Fantasy characters. But I really feel that this is not the basic concept of royal hearts; This is not exactly what Kingdom Hearts is. When we released the first title, we only had a few original Royal Hearts characters. When they interacted with very famous and beloved Disney characters, I felt that these new characters were really unknown to anyone, so it was harder for them to maintain themselves. So we had a lot of Final Fantasy characters involved to help make everyone better acquainted with these characters. [originais de Kingdom Hearts]. There are now so many original characters in Royal Hearts that are so loved and people want to see more of these characters. With Kingdom Hearts III, because we had so many original characters from Royal Hearts, it was hard to find space to include more characters from Final Fantasy. We are trying to find a good balance for this. I know some fans were worried about this and were not very happy and wanted to see more Final Fantasy characters. This is what we really think about. But because of the many original characters we have now, it’s hard to say what the exact balance will be and what it will be like in Kingdom Hearts IV. We can not give a firm answer to that yet. “
  • Kingdom Hearts on Missing-Link: “I know not everyone likes smartphone games, so some fans may not be too excited about it, but we do it in a way that everyone can jump straight into. Compared to our previous mobile releases, it is much closer to the series and also in many ways related to Kingdom Hearts IV. The easiest way to get more new information and tips about Kingdom Hearts IV will be to play the Missing-Link game first. There will also be a few more secrets that are not specifically related to Kingdom Hearts IV, but only throughout the series. Also, some of the figures that appear in Missing-Link are related to Kingdom Hearts IV. That’s all I can say right now. “

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