No worries, Sonic Origins is the best way to re-switch to the classics for those who want to open wallets

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Sonic has it all this year! Following the well-deserved success of Sonic 2: The Movie, the franchise is preparing to take the next step with Sonic Frontiers. But first the most beloved hedgehog in the game comes to celebrate the past Sonic Origins – A collection of games that launched Sega’s biggest hit, full of bonuses for the most dedicated fans.

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title: Sonic Origins

Developer: Team Sonic

distributor: SEGA

ᲞLatform: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S | X, Nintendo Switch and PC

Run: June 23, 2022

genre: Platform, collection and retro

Portuguese translation: Yes

Modes: Classic, Anniversary, Story, Quest, Boss Rush and Mini Games

Classic Sonic Experience with Tails and Knuckles.

Well-executed nostalgia is the definition of origin. Exactly on the day when the franchise turns 31, a new hedgehog game unites Poor Sonic (1991), Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (1992), Sonic CD (1993) and Sonic The Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles (1994).

The gameplay remains as delicious as it was in the golden age of video games, prioritizing agility and stunning action, while offering veterans a variety of routes. Reviewing the design of a simpler era of games is a relaxing journey, especially in a classic mode that keeps the traditional experience intact.

This conservative mode is perfect for those who want to relive childhood memories as cleanly as possible. But, of course, the nostalgia filter makes these retro games in our memory slightly better than they actually were, so it is, to some extent, a test of reality to see how some of the small design decisions of that time became strangely irritating to the modern. epoch..

Repetitions that would be disturbing to the life system become part of learning in a new mode.

Even subtly, Birthday mode Brings upgrades that develop a classic experience more in line with today’s best platform games. Life is on the side, the perspective is expanded to fill the entire screen and all game play is possible not only for Sonic, but also Tails And On the knees. nothing Amy Or unexpected characters, but the classic trio is already quite satisfying.

These innovations together help us to make the experience more fluid, with less delay. Especially when all the games are combined in one story mode, which brings the experience to a more cohesive atmosphere.

This is the ultimate way to play the classics and is perfect for winning new players who are just beginning to know the beginning of Sonic’s history. For me, Sonic CD It was completely new and exploring each map through the past and future was a magical feeling, especially the ability to control the Knuckles throughout the journey.

Sonic vs Knuckles updated as in Sonic 2: The Movie.

It may seem superficial, but the animations are in style Sound Mania Brings extra charm, transforms cult moments from franchise even more effective. A clear example is the fight between Sonic and Knuckles in the third game, which takes a new level of emotion in the opening. The whim is remarkable, even if the scenes are very sparse.

It does not bother me to see some story additions to scenes I have seen so far that expand the scope of the original titles and add context to levels that are already full of characters. This feeling that the overall experience can be further enhanced is constant and raises the question of whether even more new features could be included in the package price.

New visual styles will be very welcome to enjoy every adventure. Able to play three-dimensional visuals of the entire classic story of Sonic Sonic Generations Or the most subtle pixel art Sound Mania There will be an amazing bonus that will bring more value to the package offered.

Challenges are a lot of fun as they push the boundaries of players.

In general, Origins brings a lot of interesting things Hardcore, Who will be frightened when discussing the art of game boxes or concept art of an unknown hero. The museum is quite powerful and could be expanded with the release of several special items such as a record of the Hedgehog 30th Anniversary Orchestra. However, when it comes to tangible news for the general public, there is not much to judge by price.

Conquering seniors in a row is an exciting challenge over a period of time. However, it does not bring such excitement as something completely new. Closest to this, bringing a new inventive way of re-imagining the classic, is the quest mode.

In it, the player has to face small challenges with specific conditions that play with opportunities. Slightly remember NES Remixin Nintendo Wii U, But with a more restrained execution. Enough content to entertain fans for a long time, it would be good to see so much creativity in other aspects of the collection.

Rating: 8/10

Sonic Origins Brings a celebration of the franchise’s past, but nothing more. Do not try to bring news with unexpected parties. no remake Or one RemasterThe suggestion is quite honest – just bring the classics to the new consoles with updated gameplay. Anyone who wants to spend money on retro games knows exactly what to expect: more of the same. Ultimately, it is up to everyone to decide whether it is worth the investment.


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