No Place For Bravery, a Brazilian RPG inspired by Sekiro, is coming to Switch and PC.

Game Drops has received official information. No Place For Bravery, a Brazilian RPG inspired by Sekiro, is coming to Switch and PC.

From In Place For Bravery, a story-based action RPG Glitch Factory And Ysbryd Games, exploring how far we’d go to get back what we hold dear, launches a breathtaking adventure today on Nintendo Switch and Steam for PC.

A devastating battle between mighty giants and dragons destroyed the world of Devri countless generations ago, and warring factions rose from the world’s ashes. Thorne, an ex-soldier, spends his days brooding over the scars and corpses of his past. But when reports of his missing daughter interrupt the voices he can’t silence, Thorne sets out on a quest to find her, convinced that his knife is the answer.

Embark on a mythical journey to Dewr, a blood-soaked land of wandering bandits and devastating beauty. Deadly archers, agile warriors, and colossal bosses are within striking distance of Thorne, and one well-timed move can spell doom. The Master calls for endurance-based combat where decisive action can overcome Thorne’s fragile humanity. Make pixel-perfect dodges, split-second defenses, and targeted attacks to fulfill Thorn’s bid for redemption.

Discover new tools of war with weapons and items scattered across Dewr’s hand-crafted pixel art landscape. Survive the corpses of decaying titans carved into the battle arena. Step out of vast deserts into lush grasslands where reed stalks stick out like tombstones. Feel the weight of Thorne’s dilemmas and make dialogue choices to further enhance your blade of vengeance or bring your emotional odyssey to an entirely different conclusion.

“Inspired by our experiences with fathers and father figures and as parents, Thorne’s complex and thought-provoking journey explores where protection and redemption become obsessions,” said Matheus Queiroz, developer at Glitch Factory. “We’re excited to complement a simple yet deeply soulful genre known for its grit and reflexes with equally complex storytelling straight from our hearts.”

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in the place of courage. Photo: Disclosure

No Place For Bravery is available now on Nintendo Switch and Steam for PC for $19.99, with subtitle support for English, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese at launch.

For more, join the Discord servers for developer Glitch Factory and publisher Ysbryd Games, visit the No Place For Bravery website, follow Glitch Factory Twitter , Facebook and Instagram. _ Follow Ysbryd Games on the official website and on Twitter .

Animated launch trailer

About Glitch Factory Games

The founders of Glitch Factory have been creating games in the heart of Brazil since 2012, dreaming of working on games, but finding few opportunities in their country, they started their own company. Working both with clients and on their own titles, Glitch Factory operates with a horizontal structure where everyone has a voice in the decision-making process.

About Ysbryd Games

Publisher Ysbryd Games delivers games with stories that have heart and soul to stay with players for a lifetime, highlighted by captivating gameplay and stunning aesthetics.

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