“No Excessive Pay-to-Win”, Throne and Liberty (formerly Project TL) will not be released in 2022 ⋆

Yesterday, during the financial report presented to investors, Georgia NCSoft It did not bring good news for those eagerly awaiting the release throne and freedom, formerly known as Project TL. A few days agoAs we reported here, the companyIt has been confirmed that the MMORPG will be released in 2022, but it seems that the development team needs a little more time to get everything in order.

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Thus, NCSoft has announced that it has decided to postpone Throne and Liberty, its next-generation MMORPG, to the first half of 2023. In addition, the developer also confirmed that it is in contact with “Western partners” to publish the title. South Korea South. In this regard, we must remember that in the last days, respectivelyAccording to reports from the website Money Today, it seems that NCSoft is discussing the final details of publishing the western version of the game with Amazon Games. According to reports, the probability of closing the deal is very high. For more information on this, see here.

During a Q&A with investors, NCSoft executives also promised that Throne and Liberty will avoid “overpaying” with the supposed addition of Battle Pass. For those who don’t know, Throne and Liberty, formerly known as Project TL and earlier as Lineage Eternal, t.Developed over ten years. According to According to information, the development of the game has already crossed the $100 million mark. In any case, it appears to be in the final stages of development and has been undergoing internal testing for the past few days.


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