Nioh on Xbox? Unfortunately, that’s nearly impossible, says Team Ninja

There seems to be very little hope that I will be able to see it No on XboxAnd the fact that it is considered Team Ninja, the author of the series, we can trust, even if it is not explained why it is not a possibility.

“Not much to say about it”said Fumihiko Yasuda, director of Nioh, in an interview published by VGC.

“At the moment, There are not many opportunities To see Nioh on Xbox consoles, but I hope console fans can play Alas long and waitprobably is all we can say on time.”

The answer is rather cryptic, and Yasuda doesn’t delve into the reasons for not being able to see the title on Xbox, especially since the relationship between Microsoft and Team Ninja seems to have been renewed recently with the announcement of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Xbox Game PassAs the director himself reports.

Yasuda also stated that he is very happy that the new game is coming to Xbox and a subscription service, also reporting that this form of distribution has not affected the structure of the game: “We’re excited that so many players have the opportunity to try Team Ninja, perhaps for the first time with Wo Long. Being on Game Pass didn’t lead us to change some aspects of it, it’s not something we would normally do in terms of our team.”

“We think it’s a It’s great that we have the game on Game Pass And that it can reach such a huge audience immediately, which can really grow the community and immediately lead to a good multiplayer population.”

Team Ninja’s director also commented positively recently Xbox positive trend in JapanAs we also saw from last week’s recent sales figures: “We see it there Greater presence of the Xbox platform in JapanWe really think so Game Pass helps a lot More people to reach the Xbox platform, “even though we realize it” From our perspective, if we look at the numbers, Japan is quite dominant Nintendo Switch.”

Nioh as a franchise has long since surpassed 6 million copies, so it’s unclear if there’s an economic issue behind not being able to see it on Xbox, or if there were previous deals with Nioh. Sony For complete exclusivity. Apparently there is a contract prohibiting Team Ninja from even giving us the details of this.


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