Nintendo: Switch physical games may cost 450 BRL in Brazil

After announcing physical media releases of Switch games with PT-BR inserts in Brazil before the end of the year, Nintendo clarified that the price difference for digital games is due to the country’s taxes.

“The import of physical games has a high tariff. But we found ways, with new distributors, to bring the cartridges into the country,” said Romina Whitlock, director of marketing for Latin America at Nintendo of America, in an interview. voxel.

Whitlock explained that Brazilian law regulates games differently, and so digital versions cost R$300 in the brand’s virtual store, while physical media costs R$350.

The executive defended the cost, saying it was competitive because “the math in the country can cost R$450,” he said.

When asked if Nintendo launched the new hardware in Brazil and the United States at the same time as the brand officially returned to the local market, Whitlock gave no assurances.

He again cited local issues, such as the need for Anatel certification – which requires, for example, the adaptation of other standards.


Nintendo of America’s director of marketing for Latin America also commented on the localization of the game. That’s the company’s focus at the moment, he said, but it’s an ongoing process.

“We just started [no caso de jogos do Switch] with Mario Party SuperstarsWe had it then Switch Sports and Mario Strikers. It’s a job we’re doing slowly because it’s taking up a lot of the company’s resources,” he asserts. Brazilians living in the country also do the location.

“Brazil is very important to Nintendo. We started bringing digital games and gift cards to the official store in 2018. After bringing Switch official, we’re now announcing physical media in Portuguese with tabs. We couldn’t be further from the continent’s largest economy,” he concluded.

The Big N is present at the 2022 Brasil Game Show (BGS) with a booth offering fans the chance to play several titles for free.

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