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It finally happened! Big N has confirmed his arrival Nintendo Switch OLED in Brazil. The hybrid console will be officially released in the country today September 26 at the suggested price BRL 2699. It has a 7-inch screen with a high level of contrast, as well as a new base for table mode (also called “semi-portable”).

OLED Switch (Image: Disclosure/Nintendo)

According to Nintendo, several physical and virtual stores will be able to sell the console in a white, standard edition. In addition, it should be remembered that Brazilian Portuguese is available among the operating system language options. The screen difference may be the most important feature of the device, but there are others that deserve attention.

First, the video game comes with a new base to connect to the TV. It has an input port for a LAN cable, which allows a more stable connection to the Internet. Another detail worth noting is the 64GB of internal storage, double that of the original version of the Switch.

Additionally, the entire game library available is OLED compatible, as are all previously released Joy-Con controllers. That is, if you already have several items in your collection, there is no need to purchase new ones for use on the console.

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The OLED Switch is made for handheld gamers

Arriving in Brazil on September 26, the Nintendo Switch OLED is another console model that will officially go on sale in the country.

However, the big difference of this version is its screen with more contrast and brighter colors. In other words, it is intended for those who frequently use the portable mode of the device. If you play more games on TV, then it is important to note that the performance will be the same as the original.

It’s true that the LAN connection input port is the differentiator, but there are several USB adapters in stores for the same purpose. Storage space is also something that users can (and should) increase with SD cards.

In short, even if the Switch OLED is an interesting gadget for any gamer, that doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your current model to buy it. At least if you want a more satisfying experience in portable mode.

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