Nintendo reveals plan to protect games in case of disaster

THE Nintendo have a plan To keep your employees safe and ensure the continuity of your projects In case an earthquake or pandemic reaches your base in Kyoto, Japan. The company itself disseminated the information to the shareholders at the 82nd annual general meeting, which was held at the end of June this year.

According to Video Game Chronicle, Big N was asked about him Plan in case of a large-scale disaster It will affect the headquarters of the company. The question is more important: after all, according to Japan’s Land Ministry, although it covers only 0.25% of the planet’s surface, approximately 18.5% of the world’s earthquakes occur in Japan.

That was then Shuntaro FurukawaNintendo’s current president revealed Nintendo’s Business Continuity Plan. The executive’s response provided some details on what to do if a new pandemic or another earthquake hits the company’s headquarters.

Nintendo’s current president, Shintaro Furukawa, detailed the company’s disaster plans.Source: Twitter/Play

“Even if the continuity of our business is hindered by a A natural disaster such as an earthquakeOr for some dangerous infectious diseases that are highly contagious and can cause serious medical conditions, we have response plan We have identified and implemented several proactive measures so that we can resume operations as quickly as possible,” Furukawa said.

The concern is justified as the headquarters in Kyoto have suffered in the past few months. 4.4 and 4.3 magnitude earthquakes. That is why, according to the president of Big N, the committee under his leadership takes measures in the event of a disaster, the purpose of which is to “confirm the safety of our employees, protect the integrity of the company’s property.”

According to Furukawa, the company is also working Regular backups Data to secure “critical information such as game data currently in development”. That way, if needed, the response teams can “recover information as soon as possible.”

Nintendo headquarters in Kyoto, JapanNintendo headquarters in Kyoto, JapanSource: Nintendo

The plans also include hardware manufacturing processes, “reducing risk by dispersing operations between multiple subcontractors whenever possible.” The idea, according to the executive, is to “ease Impact on production and procurement of materials In case the production partner’s facilities are affected”.

Furukawa also spoke a little Individual level business operations, which said the company was also working to ensure “smooth business continuity.” This is achieved, he said, by “constantly reviewing our priorities in the event of an emergency and preparing action plans for each department in normal times.”

“We also passed Disaster Response Training If necessary,” Furukawa said. “We will continue to focus on providing the best continuity plan as our business evolves,” he concluded.

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