Nintendo promises to bring Brazil on par with other countries; understanding

The Nintendo relationship Brasil It has had many ups and downs. The worst moment was in 2015 when the company stopped distribution games and consoles With the justification that the business environment made its presence in the national market impossible.

In 2018, Nintendo repeated its return to the country with the launch of the eShop, a national version of its store. online in games. It took this step in 2020 by selling the Switch – which could only be purchased by independent importers.

With the arrival of the OLED version of the Switch, we had physical games with boxes in Portuguese and even an official Nintendo profile on Twitter. However, one of the main and frequent complaints is about location in social networks games In Brazilian Portuguese, especially the Switch exclusives.

The company claims that it has seen the manifestations of social networks and is working intensively on it. hardware As with the physical games, he emphasized that this is a gradual process, but it is already underway.

In an interview with Brasil Game Show 2022, the general manager of Nintendo Of America, Bill Van Zyl, says that the Big N’s goal now is to join other regions in Brazil regarding Nintendo’s official presence in the country.

Localization, on the other hand, is a slow process and goes beyond simple translation, as the essence and emotions of the games are captured in such a way that the user has a complete experience. Van Zyl apologizes for the time the company has been away from the public, but affirms the importance of bringing the country on par with others.

However, all this still raises doubts among gamers: So, is the company here to stay? For Van Zyl, solving this issue is not easy for two reasons: the complexity of the process and the company’s philosophy. According to him, the goal of the company is the long-term development of a sustainable business model in the country.

Doug Bowser, president of Nintendo of America, informed Van Zyl that he plans to include Brazil in his release routes in the future. Therefore, it is important to note that Nintendo has a history of quality first and foremost, and this requires a great deal of planning for the final product to have the desired level of release.

Hence, it may take time to implement the company’s proposals, but the idea is to bring more and more games located in Brazil, thus expanding its library.

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