Nintendo of Japan will no longer serve customers who mistreat their employees

The new rule allows you to refuse service to rude users

THE Nintendo Fighting the lack of education of its customers and will no longer serve those who treat its employees badly.

Through the measure – which may even seem silly to some – the Japanese company will no longer serve customers who mistreat employees who work in the appliance repair and exchange sector.

Nintendo refuses to serve customers who mistreat its employees

In October, a report on the new policy adopted by Nintendo was published Kyodo News🇧🇷 The new rules apply to defective hardware businesses and customers who interact with employees looking to repair the company’s defective products.

The image above – taken from Nintendo’s website – describes what actions can lead to a denial of service.

🇧🇷When making a request for a repaired product, please refrain from any actions (including but not limited to those listed below) that are outside of what is socially acceptable as a means of fulfilling your request.“, the site says. 🇧🇷If we believe that any of these actions have occurred, we may refuse to replace or repair the product. In addition, if the company believes that the behavior is malicious, it will contact the police, lawyers, etc. and will take appropriate measures.🇧🇷

Among the actions listed that could lead to a denial of care are:

  • intimidation or threats;

  • insults or derogatory comments;

  • acts of invasion of privacy;

  • Exaggerating demands for service based on socially accepted norms, such as requesting free repairs outside of warranty;

  • Demand an apology from Nintendo or punishment from a person associated with Nintendo without reasonable cause;

  • Repeat the same request or complaint excessively;

  • Defamation or defamatory comments on social media or websites.

Nintendo’s publicist told Kyodo News: “We made the decision after concluding that our customers understand, given the reputation we’ve built for faithfully responding to them.🇧🇷

Nintendo’s decision was praised by an official from Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, who said:Some corporations have begun to take strong measures against the problem, which are effective🇧🇷

According to Kyodo News, there is no law against employee harassment in Japan, but several companies have developed policies that protect their employees from these excessive acts.

Nintendo wants to use the account system to integrate the entertainment experience

Nintendo wants to use the account system to integrate the entertainment experience
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Via: Kyodo News Source: Nintendo Japan


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