Nintendo is trying to block a website with images for Steam and is being targeted by its community

SteamGridDB was intended by the company to host images belonging to its games

Known for its rather strict protection of intellectual property, Nintendo recently launched a lawsuit to remove content from the SteamGridDB website🇧🇷 The page allows players to share and download featured images for Steam, which can be used to enhance games not available on the store — including those running on Switch emulators and other platforms.

Mario’s house did not like this at all and Asked to remove footage from games like Mario Odyssey, The Legend of Zelda, and Splatoon.🇧🇷 Although the administrators accepted the terms, the user community was not too happy Decided to challenge Nintendo and all DMCA notices issued by it.

They did it Enhancing uploading of art that may infringe copyright which the company is trying to protect. Additionally, some of the shared art criticizes the Switch developer’s actions or mocks the work he will have to try to eliminate new uploads.

Steam Deck may have something to do with it

At this time, it’s unclear why Nintendo decided to target SteamGridDB and leave other hosting services alone. Despite this, There’s a good chance it’s related to the Steam DeckA portable device that quickly became famous for its emulation capabilities.

Considering that And the Switch emulator featured its icon in Valve’s promotional video, it seems that the owner of the console was not very happy with the situation. So he decided to act like he had in the past, trying to eliminate any abuse of his intellectual property from the internet.

that This is not the first time that Nintendo has acted aggressively in this regard🇧🇷 In the past, the company has canceled game remakes, parodies of its characters, and avoided sharing old promotional materials. up to this point It seems to be losing the battle against SteamGridDBWhere it’s still pretty easy to find screenshots of your games.

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