Nintendo confirms the official arrival of the OLED Switch in Brazil

Nintendo confirms the official arrival of the OLED Switch in Brazil

Released in October 2021 in the United States and Japan, The Nintendo Switch OLED is set to make its official debut in Brazil soon. In an update posted on the company’s official Instagram profile, it promised to make the model available nationally. laterwhich has not yet been disclosed.

According to community members dedicated to the company, The launch could happen as early as September 20. Felipe “Necro” Lima, editor-in-chief of the website Universo Nintendo, says that the Brazilian model of the console has already Listed for R$2,848 on Amazon’s backendwhich indicates that he may have Suggested price 2799 BRL in the national market.

Nintendo is expected to release more details on the OLED Switch’s national pricing in the coming weeks. The company is already selling an upgraded version of the original Switch here (which costs R$2100 on average) and Lite replacementA reduced size version without the removable Joy-Cons that can be found at an average price of R$1500.

The OLED Switch brings a better screen and a revamped dock

Nintendo Switch OLED is the most “premium” model offered by the company, the main focus is 7 inch OLED screen (The original version is equipped with a 6.2-inch display). Sharing the same core hardware as the other versions, it comes with a A larger TV dock and some design changes.

In addition to the fact that the back cover of the accessory is completely removable, it Replaces one of the USB ports with a LAN port, which facilitates the use of wired Internet. Nintendo has also improved the portable speakers, which now offer sounds with more maximum power and greater clarity.

in the united states The model sells for a suggested retail price of USD 349.99, or R$ 1,825.97 in direct conversion. The device has been relatively successful in the “grey market” of Brazil, where it is sold at starting prices BRL 2,300 and BRL 2600Usually, they are offered to users in Chinese or Russian versions.

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