Nintendo asks fans to be patient and wait for news

It seems that Nintendo is trying to get the attention of Brazilians, as it recently released several advertisements for the country, which includes the creation of an official national profile on the Twitter platform, an OLED version. to changeIncluding physical games with boxes in the language of the country.

No doubt, the news sent fans into a frenzy as they felt in love when they saw the Japanese company. But there is one question that cannot be forgotten: what else lies ahead?

So, during the week of BGS 2022, which took place in the city of São Paulo, Bill Van Zyl, Nintendo of America’s general manager for Latin America, gave an interview and during the conversation he spoke subtly about what Brazilians were waiting for. in the nearest future.

As Nintendo’s manager discussed, the news came to the country because of raising Brazil to the same level as other countries regarding the company’s official presence in the country.

However, much more will still need to be done. For this reason, the company is “getting smart” to bring higher quality to the launches, be it hardware or games Physicists.

However, it’s good to underline the fact that we have to be patient until the whole project is finished, at least that’s what Van Zyl asked during the interview. This is because this procedure is a gradual process, that is, it is slowly growing and developing, although it is already functioning.

Regarding the request from Brazilians earlier this year for Nintendo to translate the company’s games into Portuguese, Van Zyl asked everyone to be patient because for Nintendo it’s not just about game translation. Special care is taken in this process. He claims:

“Localization is a slow process. Where you need to capture the essence and emotions of the games to deliver a complete user experience. This cannot be done by translation alone. So this is the point that needs to be understood. [pelos fãs].”

There are more plans to make others games In Portuguese, however, as already mentioned, this is a slow process, but it is being prepared for the future.

“Nintendo is what it is because of its tremendous commitment to quality. So we are in the process of building the resources needed for localization [em português brasileiro]Because this is something that needs to be formed internally. […] We already have some games in Portuguese, but the idea is to increase this. I also feel that we should apologize to the fans and ask for a little more patience. It will take some time, but we are working on it.”

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