Nintendo announces new indie world; See how to watch

Nintendo has announced the launch of the next Nintendo Indie World, a presentation that will announce and promote new indie games for the Nintendo Switch. According to a statement posted on the developer’s official Twitter account, the online event will take place on Wednesday (11) at 11 a.m. Brazilian time.

The exhibition will last about 20 minutes with indie genre news – independent games – and new releases. To watch the presentation, simply log in to Nintendo’s official page (click here to go directly) or through the publisher’s official YouTube account. Through the video platform it is possible to set a reminder to start the event.

According to GamesSpot, The last Nintendo Indie World aired in December 2021, and by the way were Sea of ​​Stars, Loco Motive and River City Girls 2. Usually, the windows feature very eclectic titles, which ends with a good part of the public enjoying it. Also according to the tabloid, the company has plans for an even bigger and less “niche” event, where it will present news for other fields and game genres.

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With the cancellation of E3, one of the biggest and most important gaming events, several developers are arranging their own showcases. For example, Microsoft recently announced a partnership with Bethesda, now the brand’s subsidiary, on June 12 to present “everything you need to know about the diversity of games in the Xbox ecosystem, including upcoming Game Pass releases.” “On Xbox and PC,” the team said.

Between 2020 and 2021, Bethesda was one of the developers to bet on its own showcase, even further away from gaming mega-events experiencing significant pressure to reinvent itself, especially after a long hiatus caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. .

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